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 My name is Ruth Ann Gee, retired.  Live in Northwest Ohio. Been into genealogy for many years.  Love hearing stories and getting new information about families.  Do some research for others also.  Have found several item for others.

I am doing family research on Gee, Rettig, and two different Miller families, Both my Mother and my Mother-in-Law were Millers. I have not found a connection anywhere for them. The Gees are from England, Rettigs from Germany, and Millers are from England and United States. Not much on them. The females are next on the list to research.

I aldo Wenzel, Lehman, Beck, Sisco, Baldwin families.  
Have also done the history of the township where spouse lived.  Have all township employees, including school teachers.. Have pictures and list of people in five different cemeteries in that township that are no longer accepting burials.  Also have the index and map for two cemeteries, one of our church now, and the church I used to attend.  these cemeteries contain relatives.  Also have one other  cemetery  where part of the people split from my church and started a new church.
Have found one othe deserted cemetery that will be a project this spring.  It is 1/2 mile into a farming section and will have to walk to it. It is my understanding that it is really run down,  Will try to  fix that.

Any help will be appreciated in any field. Thank You.