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Audrey1/Heger and Theresia Windt

I am researching a lot of names. These first set of names are on my mothers (Dains) side of the family)

I have Ackleys' from Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, to Greene county, PA and then to Athens, Ohio. The Bairds from Scotland to Pennyslvania to Ohio. Another line that is just giving me fits is the Aaron Butts line. Aaron and his wife Amy (maiden name unknown) came from Dutchess county, New York and settled in Rome township of Athens, Ohio. Aaron and Amy's daughter Eunice married Henry Butts (a cousin) and their son William R. Butts married Mary Elizabeth Carsey also of Rome township, Athens, Ohio. Abraham Daynes and Sarah Peake (Dains, Deans, + various other spellings) came to Casco, ME and eventually settled in Connecticut and his descendants scattered out to NY, PA, OH and assorted other places. David Douglas(s)and his wife Sarah/Sally Kersey (Carsey) was born in Virginia and settled in the Athens county, Ohio area. We come through his daughter Louisa Douglas. I really need help with my Hannah Huston and her parents. She was born 13 Mar 1792 in County Cavan, Ireland. On 30 October 1816 she married Alexander Baird of Muskingum, Ohio. Priors, Rutledges, Nesbit, Thompson and McBride make up the rest of the names on my mother's side.

Dad's side of the family include, Burnett from Scotland to MA to VA to Ohio to Morris, Kansas Dollison from PA to Guernsey county, Ohio, to Buchanan county, Missouri to Morris county, Kansas. Hagers' from Austria/Hungary in 1881 to Lawrence, Kansas. Pierre (Peter) LeMay from France to Virginia and west to Ohio and Kansas. Sollars from Tennessee to Buchanan county, Missouri. Theresia Windt came to Ellis Island from Austria/Hungary and from there to Lawrence, Kansas in May of 1881 as a widow with two young sons, Gazer (my great grandfather) and Joseph.