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I attended my first local genealogical society meeting on 11 September, 2001. I started because the most interesting, cheap, software on sale at a local computer shop was a copy of Family Tree Maker, version 7.5. Some of the ancestors I entered then have stood the test of of more-informed scrutiny, but a lot of back-tracking and re-visiting the same sources happened. I have concentrated much of my time on my wife's ancestors and the branch of my family that came through New England and Ohio. The original family tree that I assembled had to stretch beyond 3,000 individuals, but I am more cautious in what I have on this site. Those individuals which remain without at least one source are probably only collateral relatives.

A note in Mid-August, 2011. I find that I have slowed my pace in adding people and events here, but the little red question marks that I stumble over too often are a reminder to do better work. I mean a welcome reminder!

Here in 2015, I have autosomal DNA results with FamilyTreeDNA. Their list so far has no one with a really close match, but there is an Emerson among the 2nd-4th cousins; and another in that group shows Sliger as one of their surnames. I remain hopeful for meaningful matches.