Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p89

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Volume 4, Page 89

mos.; Henry, 11 Mar. 1652; John, 31 Oct. 1653, d. soon; and Sarah,
again, 28 Jan. 1660; and he d. 5 May 1673. His wid. m. 6 Feb. 1678,
Robert. Adams, and d. Oct. 1697. HENRY, Newbury s. of the
preced. freem. 1677, m. 30 Mar. 1674, Sarah Whipple, had Mary, b. 22
Aug. 1675; Sarah, 1 Aug. 1677; John, 14 Dec. 1679, d. young; Hannah,
28 Mar. 1682; John, again, 13 Oct. 1685; Matthew, 14 Mar.
1688, H. C. 1707; Lydia, 7 May 1690, d. next yr. and his w. d. 28
Dec. 1691. He m. 11 May 1692, Ann, d. of Henry Sewall, wid. of
William Longfellow, and had Jane, 4 Mar. 1693; Samuel, 18 Nov.
1694, d. young; Mehitable, 12 Jan. 1696; Samuel, again, 16 Feb. 1698,
d. soon; Samuel, again, 22 Feb. 1699; Hannah, 2 Mar. 1701, d. soon;
and Joseph, 8 Apr. 1702; d. 23 Oct. 1706. LUKE, Marblehead,
mariner, came from Dartmouth, Co. Devon, rem. to Middleborough, had
fam. of wh. Luke was name of one ch. He was of so gr. age, when he
join. the ch. 1731, that, at his d. 1746, his yrs. were count. 116, if any
will believe it.

by w. Cathrine had John, b. 13 Sept. 1637; Elizabeth 7 Sept. 1640; but
among householders in 1658 his name is not seen; nor was he a valua.
inhab. we judge, for three times in as many yrs. Ct. proceed. against him.

    SHORTRIDGE or SHORTRIGGS, RICHARD, Portsmouth, freem. 1672,
m. Esther, d. of Godfrey Dearborn of Hampton, had Richard, or, more
prob. Robert, and Ann, wh. m. 18 Nov. 1686, George Wallis. ROBERT,
Portsmouth, perhaps. s. of Richard, m. 16 May 1687, one, whose name
is not clear. made out in Geneal. Reg. VII. 128.

    SHOTTEN or SHATTON, SAMPSON, Newport 1638, was rec. as freem.
1640, but disfranchis. Mar. foll and with Gorton, Holden, and others,
purch. Shaomet from the Ind. Jan. 1643, and escap. the holy vengeance
of the Mass. governm. by d. in Sept. next bef. their forces for the conquest
arr. He left only Rachel (d. of his wid. Alice) that m. Robert Hodgson;
and the mo. m. Ralph Cowland of Portsmouth, R. I. wh. in her will
gave all the prop. of her f. to the ch. then, Nov. 1664, presum. to be
unm. and she d. Aug. 1666. See Winthrop II. 121.

    SHOVE, EDWARD, Bristol, s. of George, by w. Lydia had George and
Mary tw. b. 2 June 1705; Lydia, 31 July 1707; Ruth, 10 Sept. 1709;
Elizabeth 10 Mar. 1711; Theophilus, 7 Apr. 1715; Edward, 21 Dec. 1716;
Hannah, 19 June 1719; and Nathaniel, 9 May 1723, d. 12 Oct. 1746.
GEORGE, Taunton, perhaps s. of a wid. Margery, 1643, at Rowley, tho.
Baylies, II. 211, thot. he was b. at Dorchester, that seems improb.
ord. 16 Nov. 1665, not 19 as Dr. Harris, in Hist. of Dorch. gave it,
wh. was Sunday, m. 12 July 1664, Hopestill, d. of Rev. Samuel Newman,
had Edward, b. 28 Apr. 1665, d. soon; Eliz. 10 Aug. 1666;