Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p634


Volume 4, Page 634

his f. did not have. The sec. w. of Rev. Timothy W. was Abigail, d. of
the rich wid. of Phineas Wilson of Hartford, by her third. h. John
Warren of Boston; and Goodwin, 349, wh. is wrong in call. her sec. w.
of Warren when she was the third, must be right to her d. Abigail,
being wid. of Richard Lord, and giv. only to Woodbridge, Theodore, b.
23 June 1717. A third w. he had in Mary, d. of Hon. William Pitkin,
wid. of some min. that Miss Jones has not nam. in her Memoir. Geneal.
Reg. VI. 280, and to me it seems very strange, that such details cannot
be gather. but she tells of his d. 30 Apr. 1732. Farmer counts, in
1834, gr. of this name, eighteen at Yale, twelve at Harv. two at Dartm.
and four at other N. E. coIl. add. that one half had been clerg. among
wh. the first eight at Harv. and first four at Yale.

    WOODBURY, sometimes WOODBURY, ANDREW, Salem, 1668, s. of
the elder William, wh. was br. of John and Nicholas, by w. Mary had
Mary, b. 14 May 1657, d. next yr.; Susan, 9 June 1660; and Hannah,
1 Apr. 1664. His wid. Mary brot. inv. to Ct. 29 June 1685. HENRY,
in Essex Inst. I. 12, nam. as overseer with two others in the will of
George Williams, 23 Sept. 1654, seems to me a mistake, perhaps for
Humphrey. HUGH, Salem 1650, s. of William the first, liv. prob. on
Beverly side, as he was one of the found. of ch. there, m. Dec. 1650,
Mary Dixey. perhaps d. of Thomas of S. had Samuel, b. 6 Dec. 1651,bapt.
25 Jan. 1652, d. young; Samuel, again, but rec. says Sarah, 2, bapt. 4 June
1654; Hugh, 12 Feb. bapt. 9 Mar. 1657; John, b. 5 Sept. 1658, bapt. 6 Mar.
1659; Priscilla, 8 Apr. 1666, but no more is kn. of him, unless he be
the man of this name in 1686 at or near Taunton. HUMPHREY, Beverly,
s. prob. eldest of John, b. in Eng. a. 1609, had perhaps come with
his f. 1626 to Cape Ann, rem. with Conant next yr. to Salem, and there
he prob. contin. while his f. went home in 1627 to obt. assist. for the
planta. and came back in June 1628, a. three mos. bef. Endicott. He
unit. with the ch. July 1643, yet is not sw. freem. bef. 1678, even if this
be not better evidence for his s. than hims. had w. Elizabeth and ch. bapt. at
S.; Isaac, 4 Feb. 1644; Humphrey, 8 Mar. 1646; Susanna, 4 Feb.
1649; William, 4 May 1651; Peter, 17 Apr. 1653, yet said to be b. 28
Mar. 1652, and one or the other rec. may be wrong; Richard, b. 28
Feb. 1655, bapt. prob. 11 Mar. foll.; Elizabeth b. 28 Apr. 1657, bapt. 30
May 1658, wh. m. John Walker; Christian, b. 20 Apr. bapt. prob. 11
Aug. 1661, wh. m. John Trask, prob. as his sec. w.; and John, Thomas,
and Joseph, all three nam. in his will, as also are Sarah and Eunice
Walker, ds. of Elizabeth. He was one of the found. of the ch. at B. and its
first deac. and d. Feb. 1681. By the change in process on wills and
est. of dec. persons aft. overthr. of the oldl charter, under direct. of
Presid. Dudley, his will, of 4 Mar. 1686, pro. 11 Oct. foll. is found in