Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p625

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Volume 4, Page 625

    WOOD, or WOODS, ABIEL, Middleborough, s. of Henry, m. 1683,
Abiah Bowen, had Elnathan, b. 14 Apr. 1686; Abiah, 20 Feb. 1689.;
Abiel, 19 Mar. 1691; Timothy, 13 Oct. 1693; Jerusha, 11 Nov. 1695;
Ebenezer, 4 Aug. 1697; Judah, 28 July 1700; and Thomas, 30 Jan.
1703. With his w. he was among the found. of the first ch. at M.
1694; and d. 10 Oct. 1719; and his w. d. 21 May 1746, aged 83.
ABRAHAM, Concord, s. perhaps eldest of Michael of the same, was
freem. 1690. ANTHONY, Ipswich 1665, m. 1 June 1666, Mary Grover,
perhaps d. of Edmund of Salem, had William, b. 20 Mar. 1667. CONSIDER,
New London, by Miss Caulkins is mark. as hav. a gr. of ld.
1648, but forfeit. for non-resid. CONSTANT, a passeng. aged 12 yrs. in
the Abigail from London, 1635, and there might seem some grounds for
suspect. that he was the same as preced. DANIEL, Ipswich 1643, d.
1648. DANIEL, Rowley, rem. to Boxford, freem. sw. 22 Mar. 1690,
and again in Oct. foll. if the Col. rec. be true, yet possib. the solemnity
may have been for f. and s. by w. Sarah, wh. d. 27 Sept. 1714, had
David, b. 1670; Daniel; John; and others, as Barry says. EDMUND,
Springfield 1636, rem. to Wethersfield that yr. thence to Stamford 1641,
and next, in few yrs. more to Hempstead, L. I. and may again have
rem. EDWARD, Charlestown, was adm. to join the ch. 30 Mar. 1640,
freem. 13 May foll. and his w. Ruth join. in few days. She perhaps
had Ruth, and certain. Tabitha, bapt. 30 May 1641; d. 29 Aug. 1642,
and he d. 27 Nov. foll. In Geneal. Reg. III. 81, the date of inv. would
perhaps appear 4 Dec. aft. Farmer was led to mistake the name of the
Springfield Edmund for Edward, and so to think he might be s. of this
man. An EDWARD of Boston, mariner in 1659, had w. Elizabeth and no
more is kn. ELEAZER, Medfield, youngest ch. of Nicholas of the same,
was struck down, when his br. Jonathan, 21 Feb. 1676, was k. by the
Ind. wh. scalp. him, and suppos. he was d. yet he reviv. in a good degree,
and some yrs. aft. m. Dorothy, perhaps d. of George Badcock of Milton ,
had Dorothy; Hannah, b. 11 Feb. 1689; and Abigail, 25 Nov. 1692;
and he liv. to 20 May 1704, with occasional mental aberra. ELIAS,
ELLICE or ELLIS, Dedham, by w. Catharine had Mehitable, b. 17 June
1658; Abigail, 19 July 1660; and his w. d. 29 May 1663. He took
for sec w. Miriam, wid. of John Smith of D. wh. was the school-mistress
many yrs. and d. 19 Oct. 1706, aged 73. The ludicrous solemnity of
the gr.-st. inscript. is happily preserv. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 277. He
rem. to Dorchester, where he was freem. 1673 and liv. 1692. GEORGE,
Saybrook 1660, m. that yr. but the name of his w. is not seen.; had
George, b. 28 Sept. 1661, and prob. rem. HENRY, Plymouth 1643, m.
a. 1645, Abigail, d. of John Jenny, rem. to Yarmouth, had Sarah;