Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p608

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Volume 4, Page 608

of his d. Margaret, whose h. was Jotham Grover; to gr.d. Priscilla
Adams, but if she d. then £150. to her f. Eliab Adams, wh. is quite a
stranger to me, and was h. of Priscilla; to gr.d. Priscilla Hough, d. of
his d. Mercy, wh. had m. 11 Jan. 1700, Atherton Hough, with the same
provision for her as in the case of Adams's ch. FITZ-JOHN, New
London, eldest s. of John, disting. as first Gov. of the unit. Col. of Conn.
no doubt was b. in Ipswich, went to Eng. early, and with commiss. from
the s. of the gr.Protector, of 11 Sept. sign. Richard P.....was a lieut.
in Read's reg. of infantry 1658, with promot. as capt. 21 Dec. 1659, in
Scotland; ano. commissn. 25 Feb. foll. and a third 23 June 1660, in the
same regim. all sign. George Monck, just bef. and aft. the restor. of
Charles II. to wh. no doubt he gladly contrib. with all the rest of the
army and people; came back, perhaps, when his f. brot. the new chart.
certain. was here in 1664, was rep. 1671, serv. in Philip's war, is usually
titled major then, in 1686 was of Andros's council, taking his seat on
the last day of Dec. and on recovery of liberty in 1689, an Assist. of
the Col. command. 1690, the force destin. for Canada by land to cooperate
with the naval of Sir William Phips, went to Eng. 1693, agent for
the Col. and was chos. into the Royal Soc. and soon aft. his ret. in 1698,
made Gov. and so by an elect. to his d. wh. occur. 27 Nov. 1707, at
Boston. In the same tomb are the remains of his f. Gov. of Conn. and
of his gr.f. the first Gov. of Mass. His name in the town and Col. rec.
usually appears John, without the prior syllab. as that of his br. in the
same rec. is curtail. of the latter. Only one ch. is heard of, Mary, wh.
m. Col. John Livingston, and d. 8 Jan. 1713, leav. no ch. and the name
of the mo. was Elizabeth d. of George Tongue, wh. outliv. the Gov. and d.
25 Apr. 1731, aged 78. HENRY, elder br. of Deane, and sec. s. of the
first Gov. had m. in Eng. 25 Apr. 1629, his cous. Elizabeth d. of Thomas
of London, apothecary, had Martha, bapt. 9 May 1630, at Groton ,
while he was on his voyage with the first Gov. and was drown. 2 July
at Salem, soon aft. arr. The wid. came over with his br. John, prob.
the next yr. early in Nov. for in Jan. foll. the Gov. in his Hist. takes
notice of Robert Feake as her h. JOHN, Boston, the only s. of
Adam, b. at Edwardstone adj. Groton, Co. Suffk. at the home of the
f. of his mo. 12 Jan. 1588, but of his educ. we have no details. Prob.
he was at the sch. of high reput. at Bury St. Edmunds, or at Cambridge,
where he was aft. 12 yrs. of age, but his early m. at the age
of 17 yrs. hardly allows the univ. In the princip. of the common law,
the solid foundat. of free governm. he was thorough. instruct. and pursued
the practice in London and on circuits fifteen yrs. or more, holding
chambers in the Temple, not giv. up the profess. until a few mos. bef.
his resolut. to sett. in America. His f. d. early in 1623, and was bur.