Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p592


Volume 4, Page 592

It appears id. 208, that he left childr. but their names are not found,
exc. Elizabeth b. 28 Mar. 1640; and Hannah, 10 Dec. 1642, both at Braintree;
and Lydia at Rehoboth, beside the first ment. Boston ch. so that
as his will names no s. we may believe that he never had one. JOHN,
Hingham 1636, came in the Elizabeth the yr. bef. at the age of 19, with
Clement Bates, and therefore may be suppos. from Co. Herts, was
freem. 9 Mar. 1637, m. 15 Oct. 1638, Hannah, d. of deac. Richard
Sealis of Scituate
, had Mary, bapt. 1640; John; Josiah, b. 27 Mar.
bapt. 20 May 1655; and Jonathan, says Farmer, wh. notes in MS. that
this last d. of smallpox at Roxbury 1679, refer. to ch,. rec. for his
authority; and soon aft. 1650 rem. to the Muddy riv. part of Boston, d.
25 Apr. 1694, and in his will of 1691 gave his est. to the s. John and
Josiah, wh. contin. to live upon the same. He had, in the great milit.
quarrel of 1645, fallen under fine for the trouble, wh. he and his neighb.
caused, wh. was next yr. remit. on acco. of his poverty as in Col. Rec.
III. 80, is read. * JOHN, Brookline, s. of the preced. by two ws. Hannah,
and Joanna, had six s. and four ds. fo wh. Jackson gives the name
of Stephen only, b. Feb. 1686, was the first rep. of the town, and d.
1718. In the copious Hist. of Newton may be read valuab. acco. of
descend. of Stephen.

    WINCOL, WINCALL or WINKLE, HUMPHREY, Cambridge 1634, was
perhaps, from little Waldingfield in Co. Sufflk. JOHN, Salem, 1631.
Felt. * JOHN, Watertown, s. of Thomas of the same, perhaps a passeng.
aged 13, in the Rebecca from London, 1635, with Elizabeth 52, wh. may
have been his mo tho. more prob. his aunt, is by Bond mark. as a propr.
1637, freem. 1646, rem. soon aft. to Kittery, where with many others he
submit. 1652 to jurisdict. of Mass. and for wh. he was rep. at Boston
1653, 4, and 5, in the sec. yr. titled lieut. yet the yr. aft. call. at W.
serg. and in 1658 rep. for W. in 1665 was of loyalty suffic. to be made
a justice by the royal commissnrs. as of Newichawanock, that includ.
perhaps both sides of the riv. tho. his resid. was in Berwick, and faithful
to Mass. was rep. for K. again 1675, 7, and 8, and from 1676-85 in
the commissn. under either or both Stoughton and Danforth, as Pres. to
serve in the counc. clk. and reg. yet seeming most to rejoice in the style
of capt. and w. Elizabeth and d. 22 Oct. 1694, as we may be sure, by fall.
from his horse, and also from the ment. in Sewall's Diary of the appoint.
of Hammond to succeed him in Dec. of that yr. ROBERT, Mass. but
of what town can hardly be judg. as all that is kn. of him is adm. as
freem. 6 May 1635. THOMAS, by Farmer mark. of Salem 1631, may
be the man fin. for drunk. 4 Mar. 1633. THOMAS, Watertown, a propr.
in 1642, is therefore suppos. by Bond to have come over aft. his s. John,
and to hav brot. w. Beatrice, wh. d 1 June 1655, and he d. 10 June