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Volume 4, Page 447

copy of the orig. town rec. can be believ.; and Barachiah, 4 Oct. 1686.
JOSEPH, Falmouth 1680, had gr. of ld. that yr. prob. from regard to the
prop. loss of his f. Thomas, driv. with his fam. to Charlestown in
Philip's war, when F. was destroy. See Willis I. 215. JOSIAS, Reading,
of wh. I find no ment. but in Eaton's hist. of early sett. RICHARD,
Portsmouth, N. H. 1688, one of the petitnrs. for jurisdict. of Mass.
when Andros was overthr. SAMUEL, Falmouth 1681, perhaps s. of
Thomas, rem. during the next Ind. war, to Salem, there was one of the
witnesses against Rev. George Burrows, prov., his witchcr. by unusual
bodily strength; and d. at York 1716, leav. wid. Deborah, and ch.
Samuel, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Waitstill, Joseph, Mary, w. of Joseph
Sayward, Deborah, and Dorcas. THOMAS, Boston, mariner, join our ch.
7 Apr. 1644, by w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 1643, says the base copy of the
town rec. by the ch rec. says bapt. 8 Dec. 1644, a. 3 days old; Bathsheba,
bapt. 24 Sept. 1648, s. 3 days old; Thomas, 2 Feb. 1651; but
these two are not found on the town imperfect rec.; and Mehitable, b.
10, bapt. 13 June 1652, wh. is call. s. on town rec. of its d. at three mos.
was master of the ship Mayflower, and sold here 7-32 parts of that vessel
of 200 tons, as our reg. of deeds in 1652 shows; perhaps rem. to
Kennebeck, there had other w. Mary, sis. of John Parker, the great
prop. and prob. more ch. Willis says his fam. rem. to Charlestown
during the sec. great Ind. war, but the time and place of his d. are not
seen. He also say, that in 1681, the town of C. had made her gr. of
ld. for wh. six yrs. aft. she appl. for a patent from the autocratic Gov.
Sir Edmund Andros. THOMAS, York, prob. s. of the preced. may not
have any thing descernib. a. him beyond what Willis tells I. 215. In
Apr. 1695, the wid Mary W. was adm. of the ch. in Charlestown, but I
can only look on her as his mo.-in-law.

    WEBSTER, BENJAMIN, Salem, wh. was wound. in the gr. Narraganset
fight, 19 Dec. 1675, when k. Philip's power was brok. was of Appleton's
comp. and may therefore have been of Ipswich, yet by Felt II. 505, call.
of S. EBENEZER, Hampton, sec. s. of Thomas of the same, n., 25 July
1709, Hannah Judkins, had Rachel, b. 17 May 1710; Susanna, 9 July
1712; Ebenezer, 10 Oct. 1714 (wh. m. 20 July 1738, Susanna Batchelder,
and by his first ch. of the same nam. was gr.f. of Ezekiel and Daniel, the
disting. advocates and statesmen); William, 26 Aug. 1716, d. in few yrs.;
John, 4 Aug. 1719, d. in few yrs.; Hannah,m 1722; Mary and Joseph, tw.
15 Sept. 1724; and Edward, 9 Feb. 1728; and d. at Kingston, 1 Feb.
1736. HENRY, Boston, by w. Esther , had Ann, b. 9 Feb. 1683; and John,
28 Sept. 1688; yet no more can be told of him. ISAAC, Kingston, s. of
Thomas, m. 1 Apr. 1696, Mary Hutchins, had John, bapt. 27 June 1697;
Jonathan, 30 Apr. 1699; Hannah, 22 Feb. 1702; Elizabeth Mar. 1704; Sarah,