Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p362

Volume 4, Page 362

bigotry as, finding his w. innocent, they order that she should have part
of the money. But he was cruelly imprison. for yrs. aft. and d. 20 Aug.
1666; and his wid. d. 18 Sept. 1675, aged 73. His will, that is very
honora. to his charact. may be read in Vol. I. 490. Her will of 30 Aug.
1673, may be seen in Vol. VI. 108. Eliz. m. 4 July 1652, William
Greenough, and after. capt. Timothy Prout.

    UPSON, by vulgar spell. UPSUM, conform. to sound, STEPHEN, came to
Boston, in the Increase from London, 1635, call. a sawyer, aged 23, was
liv. 20 yrs. aft. and I preesume that he had a fam. but am ign. of details.
See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 261. Many yrs. aft. that publicat. Mr.
Drake, in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 312, marks this Stephen, a Lawyer, yet
gives him the same number of yrs. with my read. Perhaps his eyes
were delud. by the handwiriting, for my own experience proves how easy
it is to be wrong in such puzzles. STEPHEN, Hartford, s. of the first
, liv. chief. at Waterbury, m. 29 Dec. 1682, Mary, d. of the first
John Lee
of Farmington, had Mary b. 5 Nov. foll.; Stephen, 30 Sept.
1686; Elizabeth 14 Feb. 1690; Thomas, 1 Mar. 1693; Hannah, s. 16 Mar.
1695; Tabitha, 11 Mar. 1698; John, 13 Dec. 1702; and Thnakful, 14
Mar. 1707; and all these eight were m. His w. d. 15 Feb. 1716; and
he, aft. being rep. 1710, 12, and so late as 29, d. 1735, aged 80, or more.
THOMAS, Hartford, of wh. we kn. not from what part of Eng. or when
he came, may have been at Cambridge, or other town in Mass. bef.
going to H. He prob. was br. of the first Stephen, and sett. very early
at Farmington, m. for sec. w. 23 Jan. 1646, Eliz. Fuller, d. 19 July
1655, leav. w. Eliz. and ch. Thomas, Stephen, Mary, Hannah, and Eliz.
all prob. some certain. b. in Eng. but the d. Eliz. d. the very day after
her f. The wid. m. Edmund Scott. The name had been well perpet. but
I kn. not whether by both of the s. or wh. of them. THOMAS, Saybrook,
possib. s. of the preced. was k. casual. 9 Dec. 1672.

    UPTON, JOHN, Salem, 1658, a blacksmith, by w. Elinor had James,
b. Sept. 1660; William, Mary, and Elinor, wh. three d. in 1663, but may
not all have been younger, for ano. William was b. 10 June of this yr.;
and Samuel, Oct. 1664; Isabel, 3 Jan. 1667; Ezekiel, Sept. 1668; Joseph,
9 Apr. 1670; and Francis, 1 July 1671; rem. perhaps to Reading, freem.
1691, there d, 1699. Prob. he had fam. and Samuel, with William,
at Salem, vill. 1686, and Ezekiel, with Joseph, Reading, may have
been his s. Ann, perhaps his d. m. 4 Apr. 1684, Samuel Fraye, as his
sec. w. acc. Essex Inst. II. 95, but the man was never heard of by

    URANN, URAN or URIN, JOHN, N. H. m. 12 Nov. 1686, Rebecca
Cate, may have been or Newbury 1669. WILLIAM, of N. H. says Farmer
MS. d. a. 1664.

    URING or YOURING, Boston 1674, fisherman.

    USHER, HEZEKIAH, Cambridge, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Frances
had Hezekiah, b. June 1639; Rebecca; John, 11 Sept. 1643, wh. d.
Dec. 1645 in Boston, whither the f. had rem.; Elizabeth 1, bapt. 8 Feb. 1646,