Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p335


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Volume 4, Page 335

233, be correct. wh. is not prob.; William, June 1670; Henry, 6 Jan.
1674; Jane, 5 Dec. 1676; John, 23 Feb. 1679; Jemima, 16 Mar. 1681;
and Jabez, 19 Feb. 1683. He was rep. 1689. JOSEPH, Salisbury, br.
of the preced. m. 20 Apr. 1675, Ruth Whittier, perhaps d. of Thomas,
had Joseph, b. 9 Jan. 1676, prob. d. young; John, 18 Aug. 1677 d. in 4
mos.; Joseph, again, 4 Mar. 1679; Ruth, 5 Oct. 1683; Israel, whether
male or fem. I kn. not, 14 Dec. 1687; and Benjamin, 5 Mar. 1691. He
took o. of alleg. 15 Dec. 1677, and was freem. 1690.

RICHARD, Boston, call. on join. the ch. 27 July 1634, serv. to our teacher
John Cotton, freem. 4 Mar. foll. serv. in 1639 on the coroner's inq. on dead
body of Peter Fitchew, wilful. drown. and next yr. on the more import.
jury for trial of Hugh Bewett for heresy. He had no ch. prob. but his w.
is, I suppose, meant in two letters of our first Gov. Winthrop to his s. John,
Nov. 1646, mention that his s. Wait was with sis. T. That phrase led
Farmer to write of Richard T. "perhaps br.-in-law of Gov. Winthrop."
By similar misunderstand. of the word sis. the descend. of Samuel
Symonds; suppos. they were of the same blood of John Winthrop of Conn.
whose only sis. that passed infancy was first w. of Samuel Dudley,
not Symonds. He was a butcher, and deac. of the first ch. but revolted
at the disingen. managem. by wh. Davenport was brot. from New Haven,
to be the min. and bec. one of the founders of the third or O. S. ch. in
1669 and d. 1671 leav. wid. Mary. SAMUEL, Cambridge, neph. of the
preced. from wh. by his will he rec. �50, m. 1671, Mary, d. of John
Jackson, first, of the same
, had Richard, b. 16 July 1672; Mary, 3 Nov.
1673; Samuel, 13 Oct. 1675; Mindwell. 31 Aug. 1676; Rebecca, 25
Mar. 1678; Experience; Thomas, 27 Apr. 1682; and Ebenezer, 1685 .
He was freem. 1685, liv. on S. side of the riv. in what was call. Cambridge
vil. now Newton, for separat. of wh. he was active; had sec. w.
Elizabeth wid. of George Woodward, d. of Thomas Hammond of Watertown;
and a third w. Mary is nam. in his will. He d. says Jackson, 2 Mar.
1695, in 49th yr. wh. makes me concur with the diligent and judicious
author of the Hist. of N. in, suppos. tho. ign. of the name of his f. that he
was b. in our country. Under this name, Farmer had includ. John and
John jr. of Kittery 1652; but I follow the rec. in spell. them Twisdale.

    TRULL, JOHN, Billerica, m. 11 Dec. 1657, Sarah, d. of William
French, had John, b. 13 Jan. 1659; d. in few days; Sarah 27 May
1660; was freem. 1690, then call. sen. so that perhaps he had John,
again, and other ch. He d. 15 June 1704, aged 70. SAMUEL, Billerica,
perhaps br. of the preced. is on the tax list of 1679, when the name of
John is not seen.

    TRUMAN, JOSEPH, New London 1666, constable 1667, d. in 1697,