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Volume 4, Page 305

the preced. I conject. and m. 23 Dec. 1669, Mehitable Weare. Of one
Daniel, perhaps a s. more prob. gr.s. of William of Ipswich, with his br.
lieut. Jacob, striking proof of triumph. over Ind. captors in June 1722, is
told in Penhallow's Hist. with admirab. brevity; but much dilated in
verse, untutored as its subject, the heroic narrat. is contain. in Geneal.
Reg. II. 271. ISAAC, Pemaquid, a serg. at the fort, drown. there, 28
Mar. 1695, was br. of Abraham, as by his nuncup. will declar. JOHN,
Lynn, had John, b. 1642. * PETER, Windsor, perhaps s. of William of
Lynn, may never have been of Dorchester, yet early at W. and possib.
came with Rev. Ephraim, Huit, there m. 10 May 1641, Elizabeth whose surname
is lost, had Elizabeth bapt. 19 June 1642, wh. d. at 13 yrs.; Mary, 18
Feb. 1644; and Peter, 5 Dec. 1647, rem. a. 1659 up the riv. and was one
of the first sett. at Hadley, took the freeman's o. 26 Mar. 1661, and o. of
alleg. 8 Feb. 1679; was deac. rep. for H. 1665, and most yrs. foll. exc.
1667, when he was ret. mem. for Chelmsford, chos. Assist. in 1680, and
so contin. exc. dur. the usurp. of Andros, and on the last elect, under the
old chart. ten days bef. coming of the new, among the whole eighteen
only Phips, Sewall, Russell, and Cooke had more votes than him. See
3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 120. He d. 11 July 1696. His sec. w. Mary, d.
16 Apr. 1689; and he m. 3 Nov. 1690, Sarah, wid. of deac. Benjamin
, wh. had been wid. of John Leonard, both of Springfield; and
she outliv. him and d. at S. 23 Nov. 1711. Of the two surv. ch. Peter
was infirm in body and mind, kept under guardians, and did not perpet. the
name. Mary m. Joseph Eastman of Suffield, and next James Guernsey,
17 Feb. 1693. Aft. the d. of Peter jr. in 1707, all the Tilton est. vested
in Joseph Eastman gr.s. of the first peter. WILLIAM, Lynn, had eldest
s. Samuel
, others Peter, Daniel, and Abraham; perhaps William; d. a.
1653. His wid. Susanna, m. Roger Shaw of Hampton.

    TIMBERLAKE, * HENRY, Newport 1644, then chos, corporal, rep. 1663;
had fam. of wh. I kn. only Elizabeth that m. 24 Dec. 1670, the third John
. Perhaps it was his s. wh. was a soldier with the rank of
ensign, under capt. William Turner at the Falls fight in Philip's war,
by the scrupulous keeper of the muster roll call. Timberleggs.

    TIMMINS, JOHN, Scarborough, unit. with many others in declar. 4 July
1663, unwilling to resist claim of jurisdict. by Mass. or by Patentees, but
wish the k. to settle whom they belong to.

    TINGLEY or TINGLE, PALMER, Ipswich 1639, is by Farmer nam.
as a soldier in the Pequot war. SAMUEL, Malden, d. 28 Dec. 1666,
leav. wid. Elizabeth by wh. he had Samuel, b. Feb. 1666; and Thomas, July
1667. His w. was d. of Thomas Call, and she next m. Daniel Shepardson
the sec.

    TINKER, AMOS, Lyme 1688, s. of John of New London, had there m.