Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p30


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Volume 4, Page 30

of 16 May 1692, names Elizabeth wh. d. 18 Oct. aft. him, and ch. Obadiah,
Enoch, Bethia, John, Hannah, wh. had. m. 13 July 1665, Increase Winn,
and Ruth, wh. had m. 9 Mar. 1677, John Hewes, beside childr. of s.
Jonathan, of s. Zechariah, and of d. Mary Sterling. THOMAS, Boston,
br. of the preced. on adm. of the ch. 17 Apr. 1647, call. "one of our
teachers serv." freem. 1649, when the word is by Shurtleff or Pulcifer
in Col. Rec. II. giv. Sacetell, wh. must be an impossib. name, but Sawtell
by Paige; d. unm. 14 July 1651, or at least, made that day his
nuncup. will, pro. 18 Nov. foll. ZECHARIAH, Groton, s. of Richard, m.
at Boston, Apr. 1668, Elizabeth Harris, perhaps d. of Robert, had Elizabeth b.
Dec. 1671; and by w. Mary, that d. 2 Dec. 1699, had Ann, 14 Mar.
1674, as giv. by Butler, but by Bond one yr. earlier, and he also thinks
a s. Nathaniel. Aft. the dispers. by the Ind. wars, there may have been
others. At G. his fam. name has been large. diffus.

    SAWYER, EDMUND, Ipswich 1636, rem. bef. 1661 to York. EDWARD,
Rowley 1643, had w. Mary, and s. John. EZEKIEL, a soldier
of "the flower of Essex," k. by the Ind. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept.
1675. HENRY, Haverhill 1646, perhaps next yr. of Hampton, and of
York 1676. JAMES, Ipswich 1669, may have rem. to Gloucester, and
by w. Sarah, d. of Thomas Bray, had Nathaniel, b. 1677; Abraham,
1680; Sarah, 1683; Isaac, 1684; Jacob, 1687; James, 1691; beside
Thomas, John, and Mary, b. earlier, as Babson thinks, as also, that he
was s. of William of Newbury. He d. 31 May 1703; but his wid.
liv. long. JAMES, Lancaster, s. of Thomas, m. 4 Feb. 1678, Mary
. JOHN, Marshfield, m. Nov. 1666, Mercy Little, perhaps d. of
Thomas, wh. was bur. 10 Feb. 1693, had Ann, bur. 1 Sept. 1682; and
he m. 23 Nov. 1694, Rebecca, wid. of Josiah Snow, and d. 28 Apr.
1711. JOHN, Haverhill 1670, perhaps the s. of William, wh. m. 18
Feb. 1676, Sarah Poor, perhaps d. of John of Hampton, had Ruth, b.
Sept. 1677; William, 29 Apr. 1679; Sarah, 20 May 1681; John, 25
Apr. 1683, d. young; Jonathan, 4 Mar. 1685; Daniel, 13 June 1687;
John, again, 10 Sept. 1688, d. next yr. was, perhaps, the freem. of 1681,
print. in Paige's list, Sanyde, and in Shurtleff's Col. Rec. Sawyer. In
the Paige catal. he is call. of Rowley, and there was tax. 1691, but he
d. 30 May. 1689. Prob. his est. had not been admin. as all the ch. were
too young. JOSHUA, Woburn, s. of Thomas of Lancaster, m. 2 Jan.
1678, Sarah Potter, had Abigail, b. 17 May 1679; Joshua, 20 June
1684; Sarah, 4 July 1687; Hannah, 15 Nov. 1689; Martha, 26 Apr.
1692; and Elizabeth 7 Nov. 1698; was adm. freem. 1690. RICHARD,
Hartford, in employm. of John Cullick, there d. unm. 24 July 1648.
ROBERT, Hampton 1640. STEPHEN, Newbury, s. of William, by w.
Ann had Ann, b. 1 Aug. 1687; Daniel, 28 Jan. 1689; and Enoch, 22