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Volume 4, Page 294

and he was a. 72 yrs old when he made his will, Dec. 1678, and d. 3
Aug. foll.

    THRASHER or THRESHER, ARTHUR, Newbury, m. 21 Apr. 1684,
Mary Goodridge, perhaps d. of Jermiah, had Dorothy, b. 4 Feb. 1692.
CHRISTOPHER, Taunton 1643, had Israel, b. 15 Sept. 1648; and perhaps
Hannah, wh. m. 29 Dec. 1672, Stephen Thrasher; and Sarah, wh.
m. 15 Jan. 1679, Benjamin Leonard; and others. FRANCIS, Milford
1686, a clothier, sold his ho. and ld. in 1690, and rem. ISRAEL, Taunton,
s. of Christopher, m. 15 Aug. 1676, Mary, d. of Thomas Caswell of
the same, had Mary, b. 7 Aug. foll. SAMUEL, Taunton, perhaps br. of
the preced. m. 4 Dec. perhaps 1683, Bethia Brooks of Rehoboth.

    THREENEEDLES, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston, m. Damaris, d. of James
, had Elizabeth b. 16 June 1660; Benjamin, 5 June 1666; Damaris,
26 Oct. 1670; James, 17 Apr. 1673; Ruth, 27 Feb. 1678; Sarah, 9
Nov. 1679; and Susanna, 8 Aug. 1688; as the copy of lost rec. in the
City Clk's office shows; but there may have been others, for my confidence
is something abated by his giv. the name as Thredneedle. His
will of 2 Apr. 1700, pro. 7 Apr 1702, of wh. w. Damaris was extrix.
makes it prob. that the two eldest were not liv. but the other s. and four
ds. Damaris Broffe, Mary Millings, Ruth, and Susanna being nam.
render it certain that ano. d. was b. to him, and the testator's regard
reach. to gr. ds. Elizabeth Broffe, Mary Millings, and gr.s. Thomas M.

with famous Roger Williams, in the Lion, emb. Dec. 1 1630, at
London, and arr. 5 Feb. foll. at Nantascut, adm. freem. 18 May of the
same yr. He prob. brot. w. and was, in my judgm. properly nam. JOHN.
Geo. is easily read thus from Jo. the common abbrev. At least one
with the surname seems eno. for nothing more is ever heard of the
freem. George, tho. on adm. he was the prefix of resp. JOHN, sen. at
Providence owned alleg. 31 May 1666 to Charles II. and, it is said,
rem. to Monmouth, N. J. there d. bef. 1687. His d. Patience m. Dec.
1655, John Coggeshall, the sec. and d. 7 Sept. 1676. both he and his
were excomm. by the ch. at Salem, under rule of Hugh Peter, at the
same time, and for the same offences as Williams, his w. and other
friends. They went to R. I. and were in good repute, he contin. on freemen's
list, 1655, at Providence. JOHN, Providence, call. jun. when in
June 1668, he engag. alleg.

    THROOP, * WILLIAM, Bristol, was rep. 1691, then had five ch. beside

    THROPP, JOHN, is the name of a serg. in the comp. of capt. William
Turner, on serv. 1676.

    THROW, DAVID, Springfield, took o. of alleg. 31 Dec. 1678 or the
next day.