Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p253


Volume 4, Page 253

and Hanna, 14 Sept. 1723. PETER, is in the list of freem. at Newport
1655, prob. had childr. certain. Peter by w. Ann b. 22 Mar. 1658;
among proprs. of Guilford 1685. PETER, was s. of the preced. and with
the title of Dr. m. 7 Nov. 1683, Ann Walstone, wid. of John, tho. more
likely it may seem to be his sis. and had Elizabeth b. 22 June 1687; Ebenezer,
1 Sept. 1692; and Peter, 13 Nov. 1694, wh. d. at 22 yrs.; and d.
28 July 1728. His wid. d. 1731.

    TANKERSLY, GEORGE, Boston, by w. Tabitha had Sylvanus, b. 24
Sept. 1673, d. soon; and Sylvanus, again, 17 Sept. 1674.

    TANNER, NICHOLAS, Swanzey 1663, in 1666 of Rehoboth, was fin. in
1667, as a Bapt. and in 69 had quiet as supporter in his four of worship.
He was town clk. afterwards.

    TAPLEY, CLEMENT, Dorchester, freem. 13 May 1640. See Topliff.
GILBERT, Salem 1689, innholder, had w. Thomasine, and d. 17 Apr.
1714, aged 79 says Felt, first Ed. 546; but he meant perhaps 80; and
his w. d. 4 Nov. 1715. By her he had Gilbert, b. 26 Aug. 1665; Joseph,
10 Mar. 1668; and Mary, 4 Apr. 1671. Joseph had, prob. renewal
of license in his f's. place. GILBERT, Salem, s. of the preced.
m. 10 Apr. 1686, Lydia, d. of Thomas Small, had Mary, b. 4 Nov. 1689;
Joseph, 30 July 1692; Lydia, 10 Mar. 1697; and Gilbert, 13 July 1699.
JOHN, Salem, prob. br. of Gilberet, m. 6 Dec. 1663, Elizabeth Pride, d.
perhaps of John had Elizabeth b. 20 Jan. 1665; Mary, 10 Feb. 1667, d. next
yr.; John, 7 Apr. 1669; William, 30 Aug. 1670; Hannah, 21 Apr. 1672;
Robert, 7 Feb. 1674; Mary, again, June 1678; Samuel, Feb. 1683; and
Benjamin, 3 Feb. 1688. WILLIAM, Salem, perhaps of John, m. 7 Mar.
1697 or Elizabeth d. of William Cash, had Elizabeth b. 15 1701; John, 4 Feb. 1705;
Mary, 1 Mar. 1708; and William, 5 Feb. 1711. Sometimes the spell. is

    TAPP, EDMUND, Milford 1639, one of the seven pillars at found. of
the ch. 22 Aug. in New Haven, that yr. may have been an Assist. of
that Col. tho. Mather certain. gives a false date to all the earliest. He
d. says Lambert, 1653. His will, wh. is lost, bore date 1 Apr. 1653, and
his inv. was tak. 6 of the same mo. Of his fam. we kn. little. His d.
Jane, wh. d. 8 Apr. 1703 (and had prob. 35 yrs. bef. less than the ch.
assign. by tradit.), was of Nov. Robert Treat; but from the will of his
wid. 17 Aug. 1673, shortly bef. her d. we find two other ds. ment. Ann,
d. of William Andrews, wh. had first been w. of William Gibbard, and
Elizabeth, w. of John Nash. Beside this, she calls. in that docum. William
Fowler, her s.-in-law, gives something to him and three ds. of his, term.
by testat. her cous.

Newbury 1637, freem.; 2 May 1638, had m. in Eng. Susanna Goodale of
Yarmouth in Co. Norfk. had Peter, b. 1634; perhaps Elizabeth 16 Oct.
1635, tho. Coffin. erron. gives it 30 yrs. later, and on this side of the ocean
had, perhaps first, Isaac; Abraham, 1644; Jacob, 1645; Susanna, 13