Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p234


Volume 4, Page 234

1662; John, 1664; Mary, 1666; Sarah, 1668; Hannah, 1670; Esther,
1673; Benjamin, 1675; Nathaniel, 1677; and Nathan, 1679; was an
ens. in Philip's war, and d. in 1691, by his will ment. w. and all the ch.
exc. Elizabeth and Benjamin, wh. perhaps were d. Ano. John, wh. d. at Rehoboth
1670, is by Deane thot. to be s. of Simon, and by me of the first
John. JOSEPH, freem. of Conn. sw. 1658, was of unkn. town. JOSEPH,
Boston, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 31 July 1659. JULIAN, Rehoboth,
was bur. 4 June 1678; but no more is kn. of him. LAMBERT, Charlestown,
was adm. of the ch. 4 Apr. 1641, liv. in Woburn, freem. 1644, d.
27 Nov. 1649. RICHARD, Charlestown, a householder 1677, may have
been of Roxbury 1650, where his w. Rachel d. 10 Nov. 1672, and a
propr. of Lancaster 1653. RICHARD, Andover 1664, may aft. have liv.
at Reading. SIMON, Scituate 1647, perhaps br. of Geroge, of wh. we kn.
no more, but that he was witn. of Nathaniel Tilden's will, and was there
1643. WILLIAM, Eastham, m. 11 July 1666, Damaris Bishop, had Alice,
b. 13 May 1668; Thomas, 11 Nov. 1669; Mary, 4 Oct. 1671; may
be the man pf Newbury, wh. m. 27 Oct. 1679, Mary Gassell, or Gaffell,
as Coffin has the name, and d. 7 May 1690. Of ano. William, wh. d. 9 May,
the inv. was giv. 20 June 1680 by his wid. Sarah. But this was in Essex Co.
One William was a soldier in the Phips expedit. of 1690 under Gallup.

    SWADDON, PHILIP, Watertown, serv. of Robert Seely, 1630, set free
next yr. on condit. of pay £10 to his master, was of Kittery 1640.

    SWADOCK, JOHN, Haverhill 1685, took o. of alleg. Nov. 1677.

    SWAIN, SWAYNE or SWAINE, sometimes SWEYEN, DANIEL, Branford,
s. of William, b. in Eng. one of the found. of the ch. and town 1664,
in freem's. list 1669, was rep. 1673-7, his signat. in fac-simile, Geneal.
Reg. III. 153, is pervert. by change of the two final letters, ne for er.
He did not partake of the exciteme. that carr. many of his town with
their min. to N. J. but was engag. build. up fam. and town, m. 1651,
Dorcas, d. of Robert Rose of STratford, had Daniel, b. 26 July 1652;
Deborah, 24 Apr. 1654; Samuel, 23 Dec. 1655; Dorcas, 2 Dec. 1657;
JOhn, 20 Dec. 1660; Joshua, 12 Jan. 1663; Rachel; David; and Hannah;
and he d. 1690 or 1. Samuel, Joshua, and Hannah, as well as elddest
ch. Daniel, all d. without ch. bef. their f. so that two s. and three ds.
had his est. with the wid. wh. d. early in 1708, and in her will of 1707
names, DAvid hav. d. without ch. only d. Deborah's childr. d. Dorcas
Wheeler, formerly Taintor, s. John's childr. and d. Rachel unm. Deborah
m. 20 Nov. 1671, Peter Tyler; ;and Dorcas m. John Taintor, and
next a Wheeler. FRANCIS, Exter 1645, rem. to Middleburg, L. I.
1657, was s. of Richard of Hampton, b. in Eng. brot. by his f. at the age
of 14, with his elder br. William from London, 1635, in the Rebecca,
while he came later in the same yr. had w. Martha, d. under mid. age,