Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p181


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Volume 4, Page 181

JOHN, Farmington, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 22 Jan. 1646, Mary,
or Mercy, d.
of Andrew Warner, had Mary, b. 20 Nov. foll.; John,
1650; Samuel, 15 Mar. 1652; and Benoni; and was ens. of the milit.
1651, but d. 1653. His wid. m. William Hills, and d. Mary m.
24 Oct. 1670, John Thompson. JOHN, Farmington, s. of the
freem. 1677, m. Ruth, d. of deac. Thomas Judd, had
Mary, Elizabeth bapt. 28 Mar. 1680, not 1678, as print. in Geneal. Reg.
XII. 38, wh. was Thursday; Sarah, 25 Nov. 1683; John, 6 Mar.
1687, and 7 Mar. 1686, as print. in fam. geneal.; Rachel, not 2, as print.
in fam. geneal. p. 22, wh. was Monday, but prob. 22 June 1689;
Ruth; and Ebenezer, 1697, wh. d. young; and d. 26 Aug. 1637 or 8,
NICHOLAS, Taunton 1654, then witness to a will, but perhaps not an
inhab. as Baylies does not name, him. * SAMUEL, Farmington, s. of John
the first
, m. Mary, d. of James Boosey, had Mary, b. 5 Dec. 1652; Rachel,
30 Oct. 1654; Sarah, bapt. 28 Dec. 1656, but both these have wrong
dates of bapt. in fam. geneal.; Samuel, b. 1659, prob. d. young; John
bapt. perhaps 1, certain. not (as pring. in Geneal. Reg. XI. 327) 10 Dec.
1661, wh. was Tuesday; James, 1662, or 4, not as pr. in fam. geneal.
31 Aug. 1664, when his mo. was less than nine yrs. old; Hannah, 1668;
and Ebenezer, 13 or 30 Aug. 1671 (in fam. geneal. mispr. 1701, wh. was
56 yrs. later than his f.'s m. and many aft. his d.), and d. at Wethersfield,
14 Aug. 1686. His will was 10 June preced.; and his wid. d. 1702. He serv.
as rep. 1669-73, ens. 1668, and lieut. 1674. SAMUEL, Hartford, s. of the sec.
, m. 16 Sept. 1680, Mercy, or Mary, d. of Lieut. Gov. William Bradford,
had Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1681; Samuel, and Jerusha, tw. 15 Feb. 1685;
William, 20 Fehb. 1687; Abiel, 8 Oct. 1693; Daniel, 3 Apr. 1697;
and Eliphalet, 23 June 1700; and d. 1710. His wid. d. 1720. Ten
of this name, half without final e, had, in 1847, been gr. at Yale, sev. at
other N. E. coll. if Farmer be right, wh. I doubt, and two at Harv. of
wh. one has double l.

    STEERE, JOHN, Providence 1645, took engag. of alleg. in June 1668,
m. Hannah, d. of William Wickenden, had John, William, and Thomas,
but no dates are found. Descend. are now very num. RICHARD, New
London 1690, fined for libel 1695, m. a. 1692, Elizabeth wid. of John

    STENT, or STINT, ELEAZER, New Haven, had Eleazer, b. mid. Jan.
1645, bapt. 16 Aug. 1646. The wid. m. Thomas Beamont. A d. Elizabeth
m. 29 Mar. 1666, Thomas Harrison. ELEAZER, Branford 1667, s.
prob. of the preced. unit. then in ch. cov. freem. 1672, in Dec. 1682
came to Cambridge to to procure Edward Oakes for their min. m. Sarah, d.
of John Butler of the same, had Thomas, b. 10 Sept. 1671, d. soon;
Dorothy, 13 Sept. 1672; Mary, 28 Nov. 1674, d. young; Elizabeth 25 Sept.
1676; Samuel, 5 Mar. 1678; Eleazer, 26 Apr. 1680; Mehitable, 17