Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p68


Volume 3, Page 68

Abigail, 29 May 1653; and Thomas, 19 Nov. 1654; and he d. bef.
his f. RICHARD, Lynn 1645, superintend. of iron works, tried copper
mine in Endicott's farm at Salem, meet. ill success, went, 1650, to Berwick,
had gr. of exclus. use of the Little riv. to erect mills, and was a
magistr. Winthrop Il. 356; Belkn. I. 56; Lewis, 96; Sullivan, 326. In
1654 he was call. of Strawberry bank. SAMUEL, Boston 1670, s. of
Thomas, excor. of his will. THOMAS, Dedham 1640. His w. Susanna
was rec. of the ch. 10 Apr. 1641; he rem. to Boston 1647, his sec. w.
Rebecca d. 16 Dec. 1653, and he d. 28 Oct. 1663. His will of 17 of
that mo. proves, that he had third w. Alice, s. Thomas, dec. and that he
well provid. for his wid. with three ch. of Thomas, and his other s.

    LEAGER, LEGARE or LEGER, JACOB, Boston, tailor, freem. 2 June
1641, had Hannah, b. 14 Nov. 1655; and d. 24 Feb. 1664, leav. wid.
Ann, d. of William Blake of Dorchester, his sec. w. wh. m. a Hallowell,
and d. Bethia, wh. m. Fearnot Shaw. His will of 10 Nov. 1662, pro.
19 Mar. foll. provid. for w. and ds. Bethia and Hannah.

    LEAMAN, SAMUEL, Charlestown, by w. Mary had Joanna, b. 28 May
1676, d. soon; Nathaniel, d. young; Rebecca, d. young; and Elizabeth 13
Nov. 1684. Eaton calls him one of the first sett. of Reading.

    LEAR or LEARE, JOHN, Salem 1658. TOBIAS, Portsmouth 1665, m.
Elizabeth d. prob. eldest, of Henry Sherburne, and d. a. 1681, leav. Tobias,
wh. may have been of Newcastle 1727; Elizabeth and ano. d. A Mrs. L. d.
at Portsmouth 1775, in 105th yr. Tobias, H. C. 1783, priv. Secr. of
Washington, d. Oct. 1816.

BENONI, Chelmsford, s. of Isaac the first, m. at Sherborn, 10 June 1680,
Mary, d. of Thomas Fanning of Watertown, had Thomas, b. 11 Feb.
1682, Benjamin, 15 Aug. 1685 or 6; Mary, 10 Oct. 1688; and the
mo. d. four days aft, By sec. w. Sarah More he had Hannah, 10 Sept.
1690; Sarah, 31 May 1692; Elizabeth 28 Apr. 1694; John, 2 May 1696;
Tabitha, 19 Mar. 1698; Abigail, 4 July 1700; Thankful, 1 Aug. 1702;
Edward, 2 Dec. 1705; and Bathsheba, 3 May 1708. He was deac.
and d. 10 Apr. 1738; his w. Sarah d. 25 Jan. 1737; and, in the short
interval, a third w. Sarah is giv. him by Morse. ISAAC, Woburn, only
s. of William, b. in Eng. freem. 1647, m. 9 July 1646, Mary, eldest ch.
of Isaac Stearns, had Mary, b. 7 Aug. 1647; Hannah, 24 Aug. 1649;
William, 1 Oct. 1650; rem. to Chelmsford, there had Sarah, 28 Oct. or
15 Nov. 1653; Isaac, 16 Sept. or 5 Oct. 1655, and Benoni, 4 Dec.
1656, bapt. Dec. 1657; was a selectman, and d. 27 Nov. or 4 Dec.
1657. His wid. m. 9 June 1662, John Burge, and d. next yr.; Mary
m. Moses Barron; Hannah m. 1666, Joseph Farwell; and Sarah m.