Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p583

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Volume 3, Page 583

    ROWTON, RICHARD, came 1635, in the Susan and Ellen from London,
aged 36, with w. Ann. 36, and ch. Edmund, 6. He is call. in the Eng.
rec. husbandman, but I hear not of him on this side of the water. See
3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 260, with correct. in X. 128; but also in
Geneal. Reg. XIV. 311.

    ROY, JOHN, Charlestown, by w. Eliz. Phipps, prob. d. of Solomon,
had there bapt. Eliz. 9 Oct. 1670; Solomon, 16 Feb. 1673; Mary, 7 Mar.
1675, perhaps d. soon; and Mary, 22 Aug. 1680.

    ROYAL or RYALL, ISAAC, Dorchester, carpenter, m. Ruth, d. of
Thomas Tolman, had Ruth, b. 2 Nov. 1668; Mary, 8 Sept. 1670;
Samuel, 21 July 1677; and William, 17 Mar. 1680; built the new ch.
edifice 1676, and bo. the old one for L10, tho. the new was not accp.
bef. Nov. 1678; was freem. 1690, but the w. d. 1 May 1681, and by
ano. w. he had, says Geneal. Reg. XIV. 249, Isaac, 10 May 1682;
Jerusha, 15 Jan. 1684; and Robert, Jan.1688. JOHN, York, s. of
William the first, m. Elizabeth Dodd; was there in 1680, to take o. of alleg.
to the k. but in 1688 was tak. by the Ind. at North Yarmouth; yet was
lib. in Boston, 1695. JOSEPH, charlestown,by w. Mary had one ch.
bapt. 21 Jan. 1683, she have. join. the ch. the wk. bef. and a d. 15 July
foll. but neither of these nam. in the rec. yet one was Sarah prob. beside
Phebe, 16 June 1690 was of Boston 1695. Sarah, m. William Tyler.
SAMUEL, Boston 1665, br. of John, a cooper, had w. Sarah, and was
rememb. in the will of Samuel Cole. WILLIAM, Sasco 1636, had been
sent by the Gov. and Comp. to Capt. Endicott at Salem from London,
as noted in their letter to him, 17 Apr. 1629, as a "cleaver of timber."
See Young's Chron. of Mass. 164, or the noble first quarto of our Col.
Rec. 396. Part of the town of S. was early call. Ryall side, or Ryall
neck. he purch. of Gorges 1643, on E. side of Wescustogo, now
Royall's riv. in North Yarmouth, and lib. near its mouth, m. perhaps at
Boston, or Malden, Phebe Green, d. of what wid. Margaret, wh. bec. sec.
w. of Samuel Cole of B. had William, b. 1640; John; and Samuel. To
this last, out of regard for his gr. mo. Cole gave, in 1653, an est. in B.
and confirm. it in his will. In 1673, he convey. his E. principality to s.
William and John, for support dur. life of self and w. See Willis I. 195.
WILLIAM, North Yarmouth, s. of the preced. was driv. by the Ind. to
the W. and at Dorchester spent some yrs. freem. 1678, and d. 7 Nov.
1724. He had Isaac, b. a. 1672, and other childr. but their names are
not kn. nor their fortunes, exc. that one d. m. Amos Stevens of North
Yarmouth; that Jemima, d. of William and Mary, aged 17, d. at Dorchester,
9 Nov. 1709; and that the eldest s. aft. near 40 yrs. resid. in
Antigua, came home, July 1737, and d. at his beautiful resid. in Medford,
7 June 1639. His s. Isaac was cho. a Provine, Counsel, and serv. a