Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p556


Volume 3, Page 556

had William, b. 10 July 1673; Mary, 6 Sept. 1676; David, 23 Mar.
1678; Samuel, 20 Apr. 1680; and Jeremiah, 20 Apr. 1682; and Robert;
freem. 1685. WILLIAM, Lynn, had, says Lewis, three s. William,
b. 7 Oct. 1683; Aquila; and John. One WILLIAM was a soldier in
Gallop's comp. 1690, of the expedit. against Quebec, but where he was
b. or whether he outliv. the serv. I kn. not. WILLIAM, Newton, s. of
William of the same, by w. Elizabeth had William; Daniel; Jermiah, b.
22 Oct. 1705; Elizabeth 11 Sept. 1707; Hannah, 16 Sept. 1709; Josiah,
17 Sept. 1711; Ichabod, 2 Sept. 1713; Thankful, 3 Sept. 1715; and
John, 1722; was selectman. His w. d. 1747, and he d. 1754, leav.
large est. WILLIAM, South Kingston, youngest s. of Rowland of the
, by two ws. of wh. the first was Mary, had thirteen ch. as he says;
Rowland, b. 1719; John, 1721; Margaret or Mary, 1722; Elizabeth 1724
Martha, 1725; Christopher, 1727; William, 1729; Mary, 1736;
James, 1738; John, again, 1742; Sylvester; Thomas; and Abigail;
perhaps the last eight by sec. w. He was Gov. of the Col. and d. a.
1751. The first w. was d. of John Potter, and the next was wid. Abigail
Hazard, d. of William Gardiner, both of South Kingstown. All
the ch. exc. the sec. and third, wh. d. young, were m. Of this name
(oft. mistak. as Robertson, wh. was exceeding, rare in N. E. bef. the
last century), there had, in 1832, been gr. twelve at Yale, seven at Harv.
and ten at the other N. E. coll.

    ROCK, JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Elizabeth d. of John Coggan, wh. brot.
him good est. had Eliz, b. 5 Feb. 1652; Sarah, 17 Jan. 1653, d. next
yr.; Rebecca, 16 Mar. 1655, d. at 6 mos.; John 2 Nov. 1656, d. Aug.
foll.; Joseph, 1 Feb. 1658; Benjamin, 9 Sept. 1659, d. soon; Lydia,
21 Apr. 1661; Samuel, 17 May 1662; Benjamin, again, 3 Sept. 1663;
and Elisha, 16 Feb. 1667; was freem. 1652; one of the founders of the
3d or O. S. ch. In his will of 18 Jan. 1683, pro. 3 Jan. foll. he ment.
d. Hannah Brading, wh. was m. 9 Oct. 1657, and her h. James;
James and Joseph b. and Elizabeth Bromfield. That Mary R. wh. d.
13 Sept. 1713, in her 81st yr. I presume was his sec. w. One THOMAS
R. wh. d. at Weymouth, 15 July 1642, is call. serv. to Edward Smith.

    ROCKETT, BENJAMIN, Medfield 1678 Wrentham 1680, perhaps s. of
Nicholas, by w. Judith had Bethia, b. 4 July 1679, at M.; Judith, b. at W.
17 Mar. 1681; Mary, 2 Oct. 1683; Patience, 20 May 1686; and Hezekiah,
26 Aug. 1688, wh. d. 1689. JOHN, Dorchester 1633. JOHN,
Mendon, s. perhaps of Richard, had John, b. at Braintree, 18 Aug.
1663, wh. was k. by the Ind. when they burn. the town in 1675; rem.
to Medfield, there had Joseph, with perhaps two or three more; but certain.
Trial, 28 Feb. 1677; and Deliverance, 31 Oct. 1678[1]; in the interval
suffer. much from Ind. and still had w. and six ch. to support. JOSEPH,