Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p468


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Volume 3, Page 468

ROBERT, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 9 Jan. 1682, Martha Hall, had Martha,
b. 21 June 1685, was freem. 1691. SAMUEL, New Haven, s. of John the first,
m. 21 Nov. 1670, Hannah Russell, d. of William of the same. THOMAS,
Portsmouth, R. I. br. perhaps of the preced.[1] m. 20 Jan. 1687, Susanna, d. of
John Tripp, had Susanna, b. 28 June 1688; Sarah, 25 July 1690; and Ichabod,
Sept. 1692. VINCENT, Boston, came in the Elizabeth and Ann from
London, 1635, aged 21, was next yr. a soldier at the castle [Winthrop II.
346]; went home in 1639, in the same sh. with John Josselyn, wh.
ment. p. 30, that he was afterwards question. for a Regicide. He was
prob. one of the madcap millenarians with Venner of Salem, but not of
sufficient importance to be put to death. WILLIAM, Watertown, came
prob. in the Abigail from London, 1635, aged 27, with w. Frances, 26,
and ch. Joseph, 20 wks. His mo. Hannah had m. bef. they came over,
a Beecher, and had Isaac. He a. 1643 rem. prob. to New Haven, there
had other childr. and in his will, 1662, names Nathaniel, 22 Dec. 1644;
Joseph; Hope, b. 3 Oct. 1641; and Rebecca, bapt. Jan. 1643. Possib. this is
the man wh. was execut. Friday, 6 June of that yr. in the story of whose once
being art. 3 of Appx. of Thaumaturgus, Magnalia VI. 38, Mather had gr. satisfact.
and that he might defy human credulity makes the wonder, that tho. twenty
yrs. a mem. of that ch. he had liv. in most infamous crimes no less than
fifty yrs. together. The wretched man was perhaps s. of a wid. P. liv. at New
Haven 1646. See Rec. I. 247. Hope m. 3 Feb. 1664 Daniel Robinson; and
Rebecca m. 27 Nov. 1667, Thomas Adams. WILLIAM, Braintree, came
perhaps in the Increase from London, 1635, aged 25, one of the early
mem. of that ch. 17 Sept. 1639, freem. 13 May 1640, rem. to Roxbury,
m. 2 June 1646, Judith Graves, wid. of John. He made his will 14
Jan. 1654, of wh. Geneal. Reg. V. 301, as abstr. in wh. he names no
ch. but Hannah Graves, d. of his w. gives to the Rev. elders of Braintree,
Tompson and Flint, L10 ea. br.'s John's and George's childr. sis.
Jane's and Ann's, but all apparently in Eng. also to the sch. in R. and
the coll. in Cambridge; and three days aft. was bur. tho. town rec. calls
him Robert. His wid. Judith m. 13 Dec. foll. Samuel Finch. Eight of this
name, had, in 1834, been gr. at Yale, three at Harv. and nine at other N. E.

    POTTS, RICHARD, Kennebeck, whose w. was k. by the Ind. at Arowsic
isl. Sept. 1676. Willis I. 148. THOMAS, Dover, by w. Joanna, had
Mary, b. 6 July 1690, and ano. d. 28 Aug. 1693.

    POTUM (if this be a possible name), CHARLES, of Cape Porpus,
being d. admin. was giv. 1678 to John Barrett.

    POULTER, JOHN, Billerica 1658, from Rayleigh in Co. Essex, m.
1662, Rachel Eliot of Braintree, d. of Francis, d. at Cambridge, 20
May 1676, aged 41, as the inscript. on gr.-st. is giv. by Harris. Epit. 6.