Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p419


Volume 3, Page 419

Benjamin of Boston, had Benjamin, James, and a d. wh. all had fam. JAMES,
Hull, s. of George, had ds. Sarah, Elizabeth and Joanna. * JOSEPH, Hingham
1637, s. of David, prob. the eldest, b. in Eng. m. Dorcas Wood, had
a ch. bur. 27 Apr. 1642; Joseph, bapt. Aug. 1642; Mary, 5 Mar. 1644;
rem. to Boston and was made freem. that yr. had Sarah, b. 4, bapt. 9
Feb. 1645; David, bapt. 4 Apr;. 1647, a 7 wks old; Samuel, 6 May
1649, 7 days old; and Elizabeth b. 10, bapt. 20 June 1652, d. next yr. He
had been, a yr. or two bef. at Falmouth very active, constable 1661, yet
in 1658 had a quarrel at Scarborough with Foxwell; and was rep. but
sett. 1665 at Salem where he was in good repute, made his will 21 July
1687, in wh. his w. and five ch. are name and d. soon aft. Willis I. 140.
His d. Sarah m. 24 Sept. 1669, George, Hodges of Salem; and had Sarah, as in
Essex Inst. II. 151. JOSEPH, Falmouth, s. of the preced. m.
Mary Standford, had Joseph. His w. d. early, and he took sec. w. Seaborn,
or Sibborn, Gooding, or Goodwin, 22 Dec. 1670, had Daniel, b. 20
Dec. 1671; Samuel, 20 Sept. 1674; Sarah, 8 Oct. 1676; Dorcas and
John, tw. 22 Dec. 1678; Israel, 17 July 1681; Rachel; and Ann. He
prob. had been driv. by Ind. hostil. some yrs bef. to Salem, or Lynn,of
wh. last place he is titled, when freem. 1680. By third w. m. 14 Apr.
1686, Damaris, wid. of Thomas Searle, he had three more ch. of wh. the
last was Benjamin, b. 29 Sept. 1688; and d. 1710. Wilis II. 8. SAMUEL,
Salem, s. of Joseph the first, m. 1 Feb. 1677, Rachel Guppy, had
Samuel, b. 12 Dec. 1677; John, 4 Oct. 1679; Stephen, 9 May 1681;
Rachel, 5 Aug. 1683; John, again, 25 Dec. 1685; Nathaniel, 4 Aug.
1687; Sarah, May 1691; Rachel, again, 11 Sept. 1693; and Joseph, 9
Feb. 1697; and d. Feb. 1718. THOMAS, Salem, s. of Benjamin prob.
or perhaps of the sec. David, tho. less likely, m. Mary, eldest d. of Timothy
Lindall. One Judith P. aged 16, came in the Planter from London
1635, with James Hayward, wh. m. her. Both were sev. of Nicholas
Davis of Charlestown.

    PHIPS, or, in mod. days, PHIPPS, JAMES, from Bristol, eng. a gunsmith,
sat down near the mouth of the Kennebeck riv. bef. 1649, hav. had
very many ch. by the same w. 21 s. and 5 ds. in all, if credulity be sufficiently
dilated to embrace the story, one of the youngest, the celebr. Sir.
William (Equival. to all the s. in the opin. of his biogr.), being b. 2 Feb.
1651, this latter fact being more prob. than the numb. wh. however
Mather asserts in two places, Magn. II. 38 and III. 165. tho. in the sec.
place, we are naturally led to distrust his assert. by the manner of its introduct.
to the support of his enormous marvel of John Serman's Felicity.
Had he once more declared it, he would perhaps have accompan.
his story with some incident to compel disbelief. Whether ten or twenty
of the boys were b. on the other side of the water, he d. when William