Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p418


Volume 3, Page 418

1641, Phebe Ripley, was deac. 1667, and d. 7 Jan. 1688, near 80, and
his wid. d. 9 Dec. 1710, "suppos. 92 yrs. old." ROBERT, Barnstable, s.
of John the first, d. 1690, in the wild crusade of Phips against Quebec.

Boston, blockmaker, s. of David, b. in Eng. by w. Wilmot had David, b.
6 Nov. 1651; Sarah; Benjamin, 6 Apr. 1654, d. soon Benjamin, again,
15 July 1656; James; Rebecca; Mary; Thomas; John; and Joseph.
He had sec. w. Elinor, and d. a 1678. Tradit. says his ch. all rem. to
Stratford, and at least, James, Sarah, Rebecca, and Mary were there.
DAVID, Hingham 1635, was from Weymouth, or Melcombe Regis in
Co. Dorset, and s. of Robert, perhaps br. of George the rector of St. Mary's,
Truro, who in that ch. set up a tablet in honor of his oldest br.
Owen, for rescuing hims. with great boldness from slavery, after seven
yrs. serv. in an Algerine corsair, and d. 17 Mar. 1637, as may be read
in the vol. of Cornwall in Lyson's Magna Britannia. He brot. w. Sarah,
ch. Joseph, Rebecca, Benjamin, Gamaliel, Sarah and George; and
here had John, b. July 1637, d. soon; John, again, July 1640, d. soon;
was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Boston 1641, and d. bef. 31 Oct. 1650,
when his will was pro. His wid. m. George Hull of Fairfield. Rebecca
m. George Vickary; the other d. m. Thomas Yeo. Geneal. Reg. VII.
233, has abstr. of his will. Whether Judith, a maid of 16, wh. came in
the Planter, 1635, from Stepheny parish, London, were a relat. is not to
be suggest. with any grounds of conject. DAVID, Salem, s. of Joseph
the first, a shipwright, m. 26 June 1672, Ann, d. of Thomas Cromwell of
Salem, wid. of Benjamin Auger, had David, b. 14 Apr. 1673, d. bef. his
f.; Thomas, bapt. Aug. 1675; Ann, 19 May 1678; Cromwell, 5 Oct.
1679; Joseph, Aug. 1681; Jane, 7 Oct. 1683; and the last three d. bef.
the f.; Abigail, 2 Aug. 1685; and Elizabeth May 1689. Bef. 1700 he rem.
to Boston, and soon after to Casco Bay, where he had made great purch.
of ld. E. of Presumscot riv. and was k. by the Ind. Aug. 1703. GAMALIEL,
Boston, br. of Benjamin, by w. Sarah Purchase, had Sarah, bapt.
30 Dec. 1649, at 6 days old; Gamaliel, b. 12 Mar. 1652, d. in few mos.;
Hannah, bapt. 31 July 1653, of whose b. the surv. copy of town rec. in
one place gives the date 25, ano. 29 of that mo. (such are the vexatious
incongru. of official docum.); Rebecca, b. 12 Feb. 1657; Elizabeth 10 Aug.
1659; Ann, 28 Apr. 1666; and Mehitable,; beside a sixth d. and two s.
wh. d. young. He d. bef. 1670. Sarah m. first Robert Haughton, and
next, Benjamin Smith; Hannah m. William Gibson; Rebecca m. Job
Prince; Elizabeth m. a Spencer; Ann m. 16 May 1686, William Wheeler;
and Mehitable m. Thomas Ford. GEORGE, Boston 1659, a mariner,
youngest br. of the preced. m. in London, and by w. Elizabeth had two s. four
ds. in 1683 was liv. at Hull in Boston bay. JAMES, Stratford, s. of