Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p41


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Volume 3, Page 41

Elizabeth 22 Apr. 1688, wh. d. in few wks.; John, 22 Mar. 1689; John,
again, 22 May 1690; and Thomas, again, 28 Apr. 1694. JOSEPH,
Mass. 1639. Felt. SAMUEL, Malden, by w. Elizabeth had Samuel, b. 28
Dec. 1690; is in Geneal; Reg. VI. 336 an error, for the f.'s name is
Kenny. This name is, also, falsely spell. Knowlton in Vol. X. 163 of
the same valu. periodic. tho. it is right in Vol. VI. 336. THOMAS,
Charlestown, perhaps br. of George, was punish. 1632, and went home
I suppose, but came again in 1635, then call. 33 yrs. with Nell (as I
judge the name print. Moll) 29; and Sarah, 7; thot. to be w. and d. in
the Abigail, bear. the clk.'s designat. at the London custom-ho. Knore;
and d. Nov. 1641. His inv. is on our rec. as that of Thomas Knocker.

    KNOWLES, ALEXANDER, a freem. of Mass. 7 Dec. 1636, whose
resid. is unkn. to me; but in few yrs. he rem. to Fairfield, there was in
good esteem; and was chos. an Assist. of the Col. of Conn. 1658. He
d. Dec. 1663, in his will ment. s. John and Joshua, d. Elizabeth Ford, w. of
Thomas, and her five ch. and, perhaps, ano. d. at Milford. ELEAZUR,
Stratford, s. of Thomas of New Haven, was one of the orig. project. of
the new town of Woodbury, and of the early sett.; by w. Mary, d. of the
first Daniel Porter, had Thomas, b. 26 Dec. 1683; Isaac, d. young; Mary,
22 Mar. 1687; Ann, 5 Jan. 1689; Samuel, 15 Apr. 1691; Isaac, again, 28 July
1696; and Elizabeth 30 Mar. 1698; and d. 31 Jan. 1731. His wid. d. 24 Oct. 1732.
HENRY, Warwick, on list of freem. 1655, in 1644, was of Portsmouth,
R. I. and had, I suppose, m. a d. of Robert Potter of Warwick; and
1671 was in his 62d yr. 6 Jan. when, I judge, his will was made, by
wh. he names s. John, William, and Henry, ds. Mary, wh. had m. g
Nov. 1668, Moses Lippit, and Martha, w. of Samuel Eldredge; and at
Kingstown, or into Piarraganset, that disput. territory, prob. all the brs.
and sis. were gather. HENRY, Kingstown, s. of the preced. m. Alice,
d. of Thomas Fish, had no ch. but in his will of 1726, names sis. Martha
Eldredge, and sev. neph. and nieces. JOHN, Watertown, the sec. min.
of that town, was b. in Lincolnsh. bred at Magdalen Coll. Cambridge,
where he was matric. a pensioner July 1620, sign. without final s. had
his B. A. Jan. 1623, O. S. and M. A. 1627, with last letter, and was chos.
a fellow of Catharine Hall, 9 July 1627, tho. Mather says, of Emanuel
in his common heedless way. He was not prob. a sett. min. bef. com.
over to us in Aug. 1638; he join. uith the ch. at Boston 15 Aug. of
next yr. hav. m. prob. in Eng. the wid. of Ephraim Davis; in Mar.
foll. was dism. to go to aid Phillips at W. and there was ord. 9 Dec.
1640 as pastor, went on a mission, 1642, to Virginia, back next yr. was
freem. 1650, and next yr. went home, and for some time preach. at
Bristol, was silenc. by the act of 1662, and dur. the plague of London,
1665, was there with w. Elizabeth On the d. of Presid. Chauncey, 1672, he