Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p316

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Volume 3, Page 316

JACOB, Rehoboth, s. of Richard, was a propr. 1668, had Jacob, b. 23
Aug. 1674, wh. d. 16 Feb. 1678, and he d. two wks. aft. JOHN, Rehoboth,
a propr. 1668, may have been br. of the preced. had Elizabeth b. 27
Nov. 1674; Mary, 4 Apr. 1677, Jonathan, 26 Aug. 1678; Martha, 7
May 1680; Jacob, 16 Mar. 1682; was one of Gallup's comp. 1690 in
Phips's expedit. against Quebec. RICHARD, Saco 1641, acc. Willis, I.
36, rem. to Salisbury, there, by w. Sarah, had Thomas, b. 11 Nov.
1645; Jacob, 6 Mar. 1647; and prob. John, bef. either of these, may
have been b. at Saco; was at Haverhill 1653, and prob. d. at Rehoboth
1664, where his inv. was tak. 3 July of that yr. THOMAS, Rehoboth, s.
of the preced. was a propr. 1668, had Jeremiah, b. 25 Nov. 1672; Hannah,
23 Sept. 1678; Jacob, 13 Sept. 1680; Bethia, 15 Apr. 1682.

    ORNE. See Horne. Of this mod. spell. are found eight names of
gr. at Harv. and two at Bowd. in 1834. NATHANIEL, Barnstable,
a mason, came from Nantucket with w. Mary, but was prob. s. of
George of Boston. He d. 23 Nov. 1696, had ds. Susanna, Deborah,
b. 1 Apr. 1692; and Jane, 24 Oct. 1696, only the last two at B. and
the youngest d. soon. His wid. m. 14 Oct. 1697, Samuel Sturgis,
and had seven more ch.

    ORRIS, ORIS or ORRICE, GEORGE, Boston, blacksmith, came, 1635,
aged 21, in the Elizabeth and Ann, by w. Elizabeth wh. join. our ch. 15 Mar.
1645, had Mary, bapt. 23 of same, a. a yr. and 7 mos. old; John, b. 1
Mar. 1647; Sarah, 1653; Jonathan, 1656; Samuel, 20 Dec. 1659;
Nathaniel, 27 Apr. 1664; and Experience; and his w. d. 1673. Experience
was of Braintree 1690, but I hear no more of him. JOHN,
Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah had John, b. 5 Aug. 1672; Sarah,
14 Aug. 1676; and by sec. w. Hannah had Samuel, 2 Nov. 1684;
Martha, 15 Oct. 1686, d. soon; and Martha, again, 26 Nov. 1688; and
he d. 19 Dec. 1699. Another Hannah O. of the sec. ch. of Boston,
perhaps w. of Samuel or of Nathaniel, being adm. 1 Jan. 1691, brot. for
bapt. Elizabeth Hannah, and Joseph, all on 1 Feb. foll. JONATHAN, a
soldier of Turner's comp. in Philip's war, prob. s. of George, liv. aft.
1680 at Falmouth; but in 1691 was of Gloucester. Willis, I. 212, says
his br. Nathaniel liv. at Barnstable.

    ORTON, EBENEZER, Charlestown, s. of Thomas of the same, had w.
prob. liv. at Hingham, and was going thither in her on 7 Aug. 1694,
when he was knock. overboard by the boom and drown. He had that
morn. sign. contr. for build. a barque at H. and had in his pocket one
hundred good pieces of eight, as part of the price. JOHN, Farmington,
only s. of Thomas of the same, had two ws. Hannah, whose surname is
not found, and Mary, d. prob. of Owen Tudor, had three s. and ds. Mary,
bapt. 20 May 1688; Mary, again, 16 Feb. 1690, and Margaret; d. 1695,
leav. Thomas; John, bapt. 4 Dec. 1692; Samuel, 11 Nov. 1694; and
two ds. but wh. ch. came of the first w. is not told. JOSEPH, Rye
1669, propound. next yr. for freem. with the spell. Horten, was rep.
1671, a lieut. and seems to have serv. much as a surveyor. See Trumbull,
Col. Rec. II. THOMAS, Windsor, m. 16 June 1641, Margaret Pall,