Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p283


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Volume 3, Page 283

d. 15 Sept. 1689. WILLIAM, Topsfield, in his will of 26 Apr. 1693,
pro. 17 Feb. 1696, ment. w. Mary, ch. John, Mary, w. of Thomas Cave,
and Hannah, w. of Thomas Wilkins, and from this docum. is our best
informat. He gave a depon. 14 May 1694, "aged upwards of 100
yrs." bef. Judge Curwin, that he had liv. upwards of 42 yrs. on a farm
he bot. of Henry Bartholomew, lying betw. the bounds of Salem and
Ipswich riv. paid rates to S. sev. yrs. and Topsfield, aft. the run of the
line betw. the towns, claim. and enforce. palm. See Geneal. Reg. IX.
377. How many yrs. should be subtract. from the date fix. by this centenary,
can easi. be ascertain. at Salem, to a high probabil. or perhaps
certain. as his descend. have confid. that he was b. 1599; for he sw. 24
June 1662, that he was 63 yrs. old. Six of this name had, in 1834 been
gr. at Harv. and seventeen at other N. E. coll.

    NICHOLSON, CHRISTOPHER, Lynn, s. of Edmund, m. 22 Oct. 1662,
Hannah Redknap, prob. d. of Joseph. EDMUND, Marblehead, 1648, d.
1660, it is presum. for his inv. tak. 22 Nov. of that yr. was brot. In six
days aft. by Elizabeth his wid. wh. was persecut. as a Quaker the same yr.
His ch. then were aged as the rec. shows, respectiv. Christopher, 22;
Joseph, 20; Samuel, 16; John, 14; Elizabeth 11; and Thomas, 7; Joseph,
Thomas, and Elizabeth then w. of Nicholas Andrews, all unit. in a deed,
1672, to their br. Samuel. JAMES, Charlestown, d. Jan. 1668. JOHN,
and ROBERT, are count. 1675, at Falmouth; JOSEPH, and SAMUEL, at
Marblehead 1668, s. of Edmund; and a JOHN in Conn. had desert. his
w. Mercy more than five yrs. for wh. she obt. divorce. But one JOSEPH,
Portsmouth, R. I. seems happier, if we can judge by his will 1693,
describ. his ch. as Joseph, wh. was b. 2 Nov. 1650; Sarah, b. 1 Feb.
1653, w. of John Ward; Rebecca, 1 Feb. 1656, w. of Nicholas Carr;
Rachel, b. at Bootle, 22 Apr. 1658, w. of John Peabody, Dinah, w. of
James Burrill, b. at Salem, 21 Mar. 1660; Benjamin, in Barbados, 6
July 1665; Elizabeth at Martinico, 8 June 1667, and Jane, in R. I. 29 Sept.
1669. He was, we may believe, s. of Edmund of Marblehead, and his
w. was Jane. WILLIAM, Yarmouth 1641, fin. for disrespect to relig.
next yr. had William, bapt. at Barnstable 1 June 1646.

    NICK or NECK, CHRISTOPHER, Marblehead 1668. JOHN, Lynn, m.
22 Mar. 1676, Mary Richards, had William, b. 21 Dec. 1676, d. next
yr.; Bathsheba, 24 Dec. 1678, d. soon; and Bathsheba, again, 11 May
1682. If this be the same name with Nicks, he may have been s. of
that Matthew Nicks, wh. had, Felt says, gr. of ld. at Salem 1639; but
the same yr. he ment. Matthew Nixon, as grantee of ld. from the town,
and prob. he was the same. WILLIAM, Marblehead, 1674, may have
been br. of John; but possib. tho. not prob. it is only abbrev. for