Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p268


Volume 3, Page 268

Jonathan, 1667; Gershom, 1672; and Francis, 1676; beside three ds.;
and by sec. w. Mary Hunt, had Ephraim, 1682; and d. 5 Apr. 1712, in
his 77th yr. WILLIAM, Plymouth, m. 27 Oct. 1640, Martha Ford,
d. of the wid. passeng. in the Fortune 1621; one of the purch. in
1662 of Middleborough, had, perhaps, John, b. 8 June 1647; Jane, or
Joan, 28 Feb. 1651. In 1668 the wife of a William of Plymouth was
Martha. His d. Jane m. 13 Dec. 1672, Thomas Faunce. Seventeen
of this name had, in 1834, been at the N. E. coll. of wh. three only
at Harv.

    NEST, JOSEPH, New London 1678, had w. Sarah, wh. d. bef. him, and
d. Susanna, wh. m. George Way. He d. 8 Dec. 1711.

    NETHERLAND, WILLIAM, in the list of freem. 4 Mar. 1635, and of
the jury of inq. on Peter Fitchew's body, found drown. 18 May 1639,
I judge must be that Lytherland, a well kn. memb. of Boston ch. See
that name.

    NETTLETON, JOHN, Killingworth 1663, propound. to be made free,
1670, may have been s. of Samuel, and liv. at Milford 1713. SAMUEL,
Milford in 1639 or soon aft. had Hannah, wh. m. 10 July 1656, Thomas
Smith; Martha, wh. m. 1656, John Ufford; and, perhaps, other ch.;
was propr. there 1713, unless ano. Samuel, were the man, as seems to
me almost cert.

    NEVERS, RICHARD, Woburn, by w. Martha had Samuel, b. 16 Dec.
1689; Mary, 9 July 1694; and Martha, 20 July 1698.

    NEVINSON, JOHN, Watertown 1670, came a. 2 yrs. bef. from East
Horsley, in Co. Surry, s. of Rev. Roger, by w. Elizabeth m. prob. in Eng.
had John; Sarah, b. 22 July 1672; Elizabeth 22 Oct. 1675; Ann, 2 Oct.
1678; William, 26 June 1681; and Mary, wh. was the oldest ch. b. in
Eng.; and d. 24 Jan. 1695. Soon aft. the wid. m. William Bond.
Both s. d. unm. the elder on 23 Feb. 1692; the younger in 1711; and
so the name fail. Sarah m. 29 Oct. 1713, Nathaniel Stearns, and
next, Samuel Livermore; Elizabeth m. 24 Apr. 1694, Samuel Hastings;
Ann m. 30 Aug. 1716, Joshua Grant; and Mary m. Samuel Hastings
soon aft. early d. of her sis. his first w.

    NEWBERRY, BENJAMIN, Windsor, s. of Thomas of Dorchester, b.
in Eng. m. 11 June 1646, Mary, only d. of Matthew Allyn, had Mary,
b. 10 Mar. 1648, Sarah, 15 June 1650; Hannah, 22 Dec. 1652, d. at
11 yrs.; Rebecca, 2 May 1655; Thomas, 1 Sept. 1657; Abigail, 14
May 1659; Margaret, 23 Oct. 1662; Benjamin, 20 Apr. 1669; Hannah,
again, 1 July 1673; and he d. 11 Sept. 1689; his w. d. 29 July
preced. tho. Stiles, 720, makes it 14 Dec. 1703. An idle tradit. reports
that he m. Abigail, wid. of Rev. John Warham, and had two ds. He was
rep. at 22 sess. and an Assist. 1685, a captain in the war with k. Philip,