Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p266


Volume 3, Page 266

not there, d. at L. 16 May 1677. Perhaps his w. Joan d. 24 Oct. 1674,
aged a. 65. In Essex Inst. II. 234, is seen his will at large, mak. s. Ezekiel
excor. and nam. legatees this s. and his two ch. s. Daniel, and his five ch.
call. John, Ezekiel, Judah, Mary, and Elizabeth as also d. Hannah, and her ch.
Hannah, w. of Eleazer Armitage, and her last b. s. to wh. the surname is
hard to find, as the source of the Nile, also, the childr. of s.-in-law, Samuel
Hart, viz. Samuel, Joseph, Abigail, and Rebecca, beside Hart�s d.-in-law,
Elizabeth Howe, also, the childr. of s.-in-law, Joseph Mansfield, viz. Joseph,
John, Elizabeth Wheat (whose h. is not of my acquaint.) and Deborah. Of course,
the est. was good. EZEKIEL, Lynn, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 27 Oct.
1669, Sarah, d. of Daniel King, had Edmund, b. 2 Aug. 1670; one in Apr.
1673, d. soon; Sarah, 27 May 1674; Ezekiel, Dec. 1676, d. soon;
Ezekiel, again, 17 Nov. 1677; Daniel, 15 Mar. 1680; and Ralph, 26
Aug. 1682. JOHN, Boston, by w. Elizabeth d. of Zechariah Hicks, m. 10
Oct. 1679, wh. d. 4 Feb. 1691, and was bur. at Cambridge, had Elizabeth b.
23 Nov. 1680; Margaret, 8 Nov. 1683; Zechariah, 1 Oct. 1685; Mehitable,
17 Dec. 1687; and by sec. w. Keziah, had John, 22 Dec. 1692;
and, perhaps; others. Ano. JOHN of Boston, left s. William and John,
to be rememb. by a kinsman to wh. he was indebt. when he d. 1690.
NATHANIEL, Lynn, perhaps s. of Edmund, had Ruth, b. 22 Aug. 1682.
NICHOLAS, Exeter 1638, one of the 35 who form. the orig. compact
there, was a witness to the true deed from Ind. sachems, made to Wheelwright
and others, not the spurious one, bearing date 7 or 8 yrs. bef W.
came from Eng.; was liv. in 1652. See Appendix to Winthrop�s Hist.
of N. E. Vol. I. p. 499. WILLIAM, Braintree, may have been of
Newport 1638, and came aft. to Mass. freem. 1648, rem. I think,
to Boston, had prob. no w. or ch. for in his will of 10 June 1690, he
freely gives one third of his est. to Old South ch. opposite to wh. was his
resid. and two thirds to William, and John, s. of his kinsman John N.
late of Boston, dec. and he minutely dispose of his furnit. and d. 30
Dec. aft.

    NEFF, WILLIAM, Newbury, rem. to Haverhill, m. 23 Jan. 1665,
Mary, d. of George Corless, d. on serv. at Pemaquid, as a soldier, Feb.
1689, aged 47. His wid. was. tak. by the Ind. in the assault on H. 15
Mar. 1697, and carried towards Canada, in co. with the celebr. Mrs.
Duston, in whose remarka. rescue she particip. and d. 22 Oct. 1722.
See Mirick, Hist. of H. 87, and Magn. VII. art. 25.

    NEGUS, NEGOS or NEGOOS, BENJAMIN, Boston, shopkeeper, by w.
Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 14 Apr. 1640; Benjamin, Sept. 1641; both bapt. 11
June 1643; Mary, 1, bapt. 8 Oct. 1643; Samuel, 17 Dec. 1645, bapt. 4
Jan. foll. and Hannah, 2 Oct. 1653; was freem. 1648. Elizabeth m. 2
Mar. 1659, Richard Barnard. ISAAC, Taunton 1675, cooper, styles
hims. sole heir of Jonathan N. late of Boston, m. 7 Apr. 1679, Hannah
Andrews. JABEZ, Boston 1673, carpenter, was freem. 1691. JONATHAN,
Boston 1634, is said to have been at Lynn 1630, freem. 3 Sept.
1634, by w. Jane had Mary, b. 6 July 1653, wh. prob. d. young. He
was clk. of the writs 1651, and sev. yrs. aft. and seems to have been
faithful in mak. returns of bs. ds. and ms. as the law requir. and much
must we lament that the county recorder did not scrupulously compare
these transcripts from the several rec. of the respective towns in his
jurisdict. wh. have long been universal. lost; or that the first copies in