Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p196


Volume 3, Page 196

the numerous Mellens. JACOB, New Havenn took o. of fidel with his f.
(wh. had been there seat. in the ch. as early as 1655, prob. a Dutchman
from New York), m. 1662, perhaps, Hannah, d. of George Hubbard,
but aft. 1663, had rem. to Boston, was a leather seller, constable sev. yrs.
bef. and aft. 1695, he had been chos. guardian 27 July 1693, by his
neph. Riderus, call. hims. s. of Isaac, late of Virg. planter. His will,
of 27 Sept. 1706, pro. 26 Dec. foll. speaks of his advanced age and
infirm.; names w. Hannah and only two ch. Samuel, H. C. 1696, and
Abigail Tilley, w. of William, aft. of Hon. Samuel Sewall, Ch. J. and
explains his act in giv. equal. to s. and d. bec. for his liberal educ. he
had expend. £300. This s. SAMUEL, stands the lowest in the class,
being ninth in the mod. catal. but in the old catal. of the Magnalia, the
class contain. but eight. I found at the State House a letter from
Samuel (teach. the gram. sch. 1700 at Hadley) to Cotton Mather, beg.
his aid in restoring him to a higher rank; but the consequence was, that
Mather had his cous. Roland Cotton insert. in the catal. as second next
aft. Gov. Vaughan, and poor Melyen took nothing but one peg lower by
his motion. So that he had shown greater discret. in keep. quiet, than
in ask. the patronage of his Boston friend. His wid. d. Nov. 1717.
SAMUEL, Fairfieid, perhaps br. of Jacob, and uncle of the preced. had
d. bef. 1660.

    MENDAM, MENDALL or MENDON, RICHARD, Kittery 1663, may
have been s. of, if not the same as, the foll. ROBERT, Duxbury 1638, or
earlier, sold, in 1639, ho. and ld. rem. to Kittery bef. 1647, and 1652
submit. to Mass. was constable that yr. and in 1666 was of the gr. jury.
WILLIAM, Braintree 1667.

    MENDLOVE, MARK, Plymouth 1637, Duxbury 1640. WILLIAM,
Plymouth 1633. Yet in 1643 the name is not seen.

    MENTOR, THOMAS, a soldier, k. 18 Sept. 1675, by the Ind. at Bloody
brook, with "the flower of Essex," under Lothrop.

    MEPHAM, MAPHAM or MIPHAM, JOHN, Guilford 1639, one of the
seven pillars at found. of ch; in 1643, and d. 1647, leav. only ch. John,
wh. was rememb. in the will of Timothy Baldwin that m. his mo. in
1649, and wh. had third h. Thomas Tapping. JOHN, Southampton,
L. I. 1673, print. Mepham in a valua. paper, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 88,
was prob. s. of the preced.

    MERCER, THOMAS, Boston, d. 28 May 1699. In his will, of 8. Apr.
1698, he names w. Elizabeth and their ch. William, the eldest, Thomas and
Sarah. Perhaps he had, in 1665, been of Sheepscot. Sullivan, 287.
TIMOTHY, Windsor 1649, of wh. all we kn. is he was fined that yr. A
Lucy M. came in the Defence, 1635, aged 19, from London.

    MERCHANT or MARCHANT, JOHN, Braintree, whose w. Sarah d. 3 Dec.
1638, rem. I think, soon to R. I. and 2 June 1639 was allow. inhab. of