Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p147


Volume 3, Page 147

the William and Francis from London, 1632, emb. in Mar. and reach.
Boston 5 June, with Edward Winslow; but no connex. with him is kn.
nor indeed is this name heard of for many yrs. except by judgm. of
Court, 4 Mar. 1634, it was found that he had not paid £5. on acco. of
wh. Joseph Twitchell had been charg. Several whom we know to
have been on board that ship could not have obt. leave from governm.
OLIVER, Salem, had Elizabeth b. 10 May 1685; and Sarah, 25 July 1687.

    MANNING, DENNIS, Nantucket, m. 1678, Catharine Innis, but
wh. she was, is unkn. had Betty, b. 10 July 1679; James, 20 Jan.
1681; David, 2 Apr. 1683; Dorcas, wh. m. the sec. Nathaniel Barnard;
William; Benjamin; Eunice, wh. m. Thomas Newcomb; Dinah, wh.
m. 1717, William Stubbs; and Rebecca, wh. m. 1719, Joseph Mott
of R. I. GEORGE, Boston 1653, shoemaker, perhaps an orig. propr.
1640, of Sudbury, m. 15 July 1653, Mary Harraden; and ano. rec.
tells that he m. 13 Mar. 1655, Hannah, wid. of William Blanchard, d.
of James Everill, had George, b. 24 Nov. 1655; Elizabeth 19 Mar. 1657, d.
young; Mary, 15 Dec. 1659, d. young; Elizabeth again, 13 Oct. 1661;
James, 6 Mar. 1663; Hannah, 20 Apr. 1665; Mary, again, 3 Nov.
1666; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1668; John, 11 Oct. 1671; and Joseph, 6 Nov. 1674.
JACOB, Salem, s. of Return. was dept. marshal in the doleful service of
1692. JOHN, Boston, merch. ar. co. 1640, by w. Abigail, wh. d. 25
June 1644, had John, b. 25 May 1643; and Mary, 3 June 1644; and
by w. Ann, d. of Richard Parker, wh. join. our ch. 15 May 1647, had
Ann, b. 12, bapt. 21 Mar. 1652 (tho. the same rec. in Geneal. Reg. IX.
250, by repetit. in ano. line on the same page, adds a day); and
Ephraim, 10 Aug. 1655. Ann m. 1669, John Sandys. A JOHN, at
Ipswich so early as 1634, I kn. no more of. But there the name was
much diffus. and so, I believe, it was at Norwich, Eng. whence came
many puritans to our country. Of ano. JOHN, in Maine, inv. of £115.
was ret. 5 Oct. 1674. NICHOLAS, Ipswich, prob. s. of Richard, m.
23 June 1663, Elizabeth wid. of Robert Gray of Salem, had Thomas, b. 2
May 1664, d. in few mos.; Nicholas, 15 Sept. 1665, d. under 2 yrs.;
Margaret, 25 Feb. 1667, d. in few days; and John, 28 May 1668. He had
command of a vessel at Salem 1677, in 1681 had w. Elizabeth was in 1688
appoint. by Andros a Judge in the remotest E. part of his jurisdict. near
Kennebec, and as one of his adher. was next yr. imprison. Willis, I.
187. RETURN, Boston, m. at Hingham, Dec. 1664, Sarah Hohart, prob.
d. of Edmund the sec. of the same, had d. Mary rememb. in the will of
Hobart, but whence he came I find not. At Boston he had Sarah,
b. 7 Apr. 1669; and Rebecca, 21 Sept. 1670, and, perhaps, rem. RICHARD,
Ipswich, by w. Anstis had Nicholas, b. 23 June 1644; Richard, 22
June 1646; Anstis, 8 Jan. 1655; Margaret, 9 Oct. 1656; Jacob, 25
Dec. 1660, wh. was of Salem, and d. 24 May 1756; Thomas, 11 Feb.
1665; and Sarah, 28 Aug. 1667, wh. m. 8 Dec. 1686, John Williams of
the same. Descend. are num. SAMUEL, Billerica, s. of the sec.
William, freem. 1670, was selectman 1680, rep. 1695 and 6, town clk. 6
yrs. d. 22 Feb. 1711, aged 66. THOMAS, Ipswich 1636, perhaps elder br.
of Richard, d. a 1668, aged 74. THOMAS, Swansey, m. 28 Oct. 1674,
Rachel Bliss, perhaps d. of Jonathan. THOMAS, a soldier of Ipswich,
perhaps s. of Thomas tbe first, or more prob. gr.s. k. with the "flower of
Essex" under Lothrop, 18 Sept. 1675, at Bloody brook, Deerfield.
WILLIAM, Cambridge 1634, freem. 13 May 1640, brot. from Eng. William,
and prob. other ch. perhaps Timothy, wh. d. 8 Nov. 1653, was one.