Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p83


Volume 2, Page 83

w. of Capt. Joseph Hills of Malden. One niece, Elizabeth was w. of Benanuel
Bowers; and ano. Faith, m. 12 May 1664, John Page of Groton.
Reading, freem. 1691. NATHANIEL., Reading. ROBERT, Reading 1647, perhaps
of the two preced. SAMUEL, Reading, perhaps s. or br. of the preced. d.
1683, had Samuel, b. 16 Oct. 1647; Hannah, 24 Feb. 1650; Nathaniel, 16 Jan.
1656; Elizabeth 25 Mar. 1658; Sarah, 28 Mar. 1660; and Mar, 5 Mar. 1662. SAMUEL,
Reading, s. prob. of the preced. m. one of the ds. of Henry Felch.

    DURAND, JOHN, Scituate 1657. A John Duren, wh. may be the same, was of
New Hampsh. 1689. WILLIAM, Boston 1644, is the mem. of our ch. perhaps, wh.
went to Virginia, was rul. Elder of a Congreg. ch. there, disturb. and
banish. by Sir William Berkley, the Gov. came to Boston again 1648. See
Winthrop II. 334. He was a witness, at Shelter isl. 10 July 1659, to the will of
Lawrence Southwick, or, at least, one of the same name was.

    DURANT, GEORGE, Malden, rem. a. 1666 to Middletown, d. a. 1690, had
Edward. JOHN, Billerica 1675, d. in prison at Cambridge, 27 Oct. 1692, during
the witchcraft delusion, of wh. he was prob. a victim. MOSES, Falmouth 1690.
Willis, I. 217.

    DURDALL, HUGH, Newport 1639.

    DURELL, NICHOLAS, a soldier of Capt. Turner's comp. Apr. 1676.

    DUREN, ANDREW, Dedham, had Henry, and five other ch. perhaps by a d. of
John Hayward, wh. gives in his will to ea. of them, but most to Henry.
EDWARD, Lyme 1681, perhaps s. of George. GEORGE, Lyme 1685, but in 1687
his wid. is nam. Mary Durine, prob. the same name, perhaps as sec. or
third w. was m. 1678.

    DURFEE, THOMAS, of wh. I see only the name, be 1692, but kn.
not resid. perhaps only trans. in 1679 was 36 yrs. old.

    DURGIN, DURGY or DIRGEY, Portsmouth 1684. JOHN, Ipswich, had
John, b. 23 Nov. 1689; and Andrew, 20 Sept. 1692. WILLIAM, Dover 1664, was
with a w. Martha, d. of Robert Cross, at Ipswich, had Martha, b. Aug. 1668,
prob. went back to New Hampsh. there liv. 1684.

    DURHAM, HUMPHREY, Casco 1658, was k. by the Ind. 1676. Hubbard, 33.
JOHN, Falmouth, a. 1690, was, perhaps, s. of the preced. THOMAS,
Marshfield, m. Mar. 1659, Sarah, d. of Edward Bumpas.

    DURREN, DURRIN or DURRUM, EPHRAIM, Guilford 1672, m. 1678, Elizabeth d.
of Richard Guttridge, had Daniel, b. 15 Sept. 1680, and prob. others.
Sometimes the name is Darwin. He was a propr. 1685. possib. this is the
same name as Duren.

    DUSTIN or DUSTON, JOSIAH, Reading 1647, had Josiah, b. 14 May 1656;
perhaps others; and d. 16 Jan. 1672. THOMAS, Dover 1640, perhaps rem. to
Kittery bef. 1652. THOMAS, Haverhill, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 3 Dec.
1677, Hannah Emerson, had thirteen ch. bef. 1699, of wh. on 15 Mar. 1697,
eight were at home, the youngest,