Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p82


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Volume 2, Page 82

Haven, there sw. fidel. in Mar. 1648, new yr. bot. est. at Fairfield, there
d. 1660, without w. or ch. and gave his prop. to Rev. John Jones. WILLIAM,
Salem, m. 6 June 1684, Elizabeth Haskett, perhaps d. of Stephen, had John, b. 23
May 1686; and William, 1 Aug. 1689.

    DUNNELL. See Dwinell.

    DUNNING, GEORGE, New Haven 1644, rem. soon. HICKS, Hingham, m. 7
Dec. 1669, Sarah, d. of Thomas Joy, had Edmund, b. 31 Mar. 1672; but in the
will of Joy his name is writ. Dunham or Denham. JONATHAN, a soldier in
Turner's comp. serv. Apr. 1676 on Conn. riv.

    DUNNY, JAMES, Boston, freem. 1690.

    DUNSTER, || HENRY, Cambridge, first Presid. of Harv. Coll. a
Lancashire man, s. of Henry of Balehoult, a seat in Bury of that Co. came
in 1640, and resid. a short time in Boston, was of ar. co. 1640, but not of
our ch. so that we may he sure he was of ano. town prob. Cambridge bef.
adm. as freem. 2 June 1641; was bred at Magdalen Coll. in the Univ. of
Cambridge, had his degrees 1630, and 1634. Soon after com. he was made
presid. 27 Aug. 1640, compell. to resign 24 Oct. 1654, on acco. of his
opinions on inf. bapt. He was desir. to come to Ireland by the deputy
Henry Cromwell and his counc. and 50 advance. for his passage, but he
was nice eno. to avoid that evil, and d. at Scituate 18 or 27 Feb. 1659,
where he preach. all his latter days; but his heart's desire was to be
bur. at Cambridge, where, in his will, he says lay the remains of some of
his babes. He names, as liv. two s. David, and Jonathan, d. Elizabeth sis. Hills,
w. of Joseph of Malden, and her childr. sis. Willard of Concord, and her
childr. and cous. Faith D. His first w. Elizabeth m. June 1641, d. 23 Aug. 1 643;
she was wid. of Rev. Josse Glover, by sec. w. Eliz he had David, b. 16 May
1645; Dorothy, 29 Jan. 1648; Henry, 1650; Jonathan, 28 Sept. or ano. acco.
says, 26 Oct. 1663; and, after rem. from C. to S., Elizabeth 29 Dec. 1666. Elizabeth
wh. at l Cambridge they presume to have been his wid d. in her 60th yr. 12
Sept. 1690, as the rec. plainly, but falsely, bears; for if it be so, she
must have been only 14 yrs. old when he took her for his sec. w. and less
than 9 yrs. old, when her h. d. on the ocean. Perhaps she was not mo. of
Glover's ch. JONATHAN, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 5 Dec. 1678, Abigail
Eliot, had Henry, b. 17 July 1680; and Elizabeth 22 Feb. 1682. For sec. w. 5 Apr.
1693, he took Deborah Wade of Medford. The s. Henry had two ds. bur. at
Cambridge; but in other parts of Mass. as well as in N. H. descend. of the
long suffer. presid. remain; and Deane says that one of them did the
presswork for his Hist. of Scituate. RICHARD, Cambridge 1642, br. of
Henry, of wh. no more is kn. A very curious letter of Mar. 1641, to him
from his f. in Lancashire, is in 4 Hist. Coll. II. 191. Sis. of the Presid.
were Elizabeth and Marg wh. successive. were ws. of Maj. Simon Willard? the
latter surv. him, m. Joseph Noyes of Sudbury, and a third, perhaps, Rose, was