Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p341


Volume 2, Page 341

June 1746, was f. of Ward Nicholas Boylston, the liberal benefactor of Harv.
Coll. and of Sir Benjamin, the admiral, disting. for his services and
friendship with Lord Nelson. Late in life the admiral, by permiss. of his
sovereign, took the name of Carew, as by a lady of that name req. in her will
devis. most of her prop. to him. They had been mut. attach. in youth, but she
had m. a gent. to wh. descend. an est. held by Carew fam. from the time of Q.
Elizabeth Aft H. m. a d. of Adm. Inglefield, and had sev. ch. SAMUEL, Taunton,
had Samuel, b. 14 Sept. 1668; Nathaniel, 2 July 1670; Esther, 11 May 1673;
John, 24 Feb. 1675. His s. Samuel was of Gallop's comp. in the doleful exped.
of Sir William Phips against Quebec, 1690. TIMOTHY, Taunton 1643. WILLIAM,
Marshfield or Taunton 1643, where he sold his est. and rem. to Boston 1650, by
w. Mary had Mary, b. 2 Apr. 1653; William, 11 Jan. 1655; Benjamin, 8 July
1656. WILLIAM, Boston, by his will, 9 May 1664, pro. 6 Apr. foll. gives
very small prop. to ch. Timothy, Samuel, Nehemiah, Elisha, Malachi, and
Esther, and made wid. Elizabeth extrix. He had not, I think, liv. long here, at
least not one of the ch. is in our rec. of b. WILLIAM, Boston, elder br. of
Benjamin, by w. Decline had Thomas, b. 1 Oct. 1673; Joseph, 5 May 1677; and by
w. Ann had William, 1 May 1682; Mary, 26 Dec. 1687; Sarah, 7 June 1690;
William, 31 July 1693; and Mary, again, 28 Nov. 1698.

    HALSALL, HANSELL or HALSEY, GEORGE, Dorchester, where he was
of their ch. and recom. to Boston 1642, blacksmith, b. a. 1614, by w. Elizabeth had
Mehitable, b. 15 Dec. bapt. 1 Jan. foll. 1642, d. next Oct.; Joseph, 3, bapt.
8 Dec. 1644; and Hannah, Jan. 1647; and I presume his w. d. not long after,
and he m. Joan, d. of Thomas Ruck, I think, and had Sarah, wh. d. soon;
Benjamin, b. 18 Sept. 1652; was freem. 1645, and ar. co. 1650. He rem. to New
London 1661, but staid there not long. JAMES, Boston 1674, called, in a deed
to him, mathematician, freem. 1690. JOHN, came in the Elizabeth and Ann,
1635, aged 24, from London; but where he sat down is unkn. * THOMAS, Lynn
1637, rem. in few yrs. to L. I. and was long of Southampton, the richest man
in town, engag. in establish. the Conn. jurisdict. there, and was a rep. 1664,
had Thomas, Isaac, Daniel, and Elizabeth w. of Richard Howell, all with w. nam. in
his will of June 1677, pro. at New York 8 July 1679. WILLIAM, Boston 1654, by
w. Sarah had Asa, b. 1 Jan. 1655; Joseph, 29 May 1657; liv. at Pulling point,
may have rem. to New London. A freq. spelling is Halsey.

    HALSTEED, HENRY, Concord 1645. NATHAN, Concord, may have been f.
of the preced. His w. Isabel d. 15 Mar. 1642, and he d. soon after, for his inv. was
tak. 5 Feb. 1644. NATHANIEL, Dedham, freem. 2 June 1641, d. 3 Feb. 1644; and
may seem the same as the preced. WILLIAM, Concord, d. 27 July 1645, says
Farmer; but an error of a yr. occurs in Geneal. Reg. III. 177, giv. date of
his will, 13 June of 1646, while in three foll. attest. of witnesses, ea. proves,
that it was the former, and the inv. was tak. in Dec. of the same yr. he was unm.