Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p332

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Volume 2, Page 332

liv. at Springfield; Josiah at Brookfield; Timothy, and Samuel, at Suffield;
and John, d. at Windsor, unm. WILLIAM, Billerica, d. 20 lay 1668, leav. wid.
Ann. Of this name 16 had been, in 1834, gr. at Harv. 8 at Yale, 3 at Dart.
and 11 at the other N. E. coll.

    HALEY, JOHN, Hadley, m. 1681, Ruth, wid. of William Gaylord, d.
of John Crow, had no ch. by her or by sec. w. Hannah, d. of Samuel
Bliss; and d. 1688. His wid. m. 1689, Simeon Smith of Hadley.
THOMAS, Wells, or Saco, bef 1650, m. a d. of John West, had Ann,
Lydia, Samuel, and Thomas. This last was a serg. of the garris. at
Saco, k. by the Ind. Aug. 1695; but Folsom, 125, says descend. are
num. See Pike's Journ. and Niles, Hist. WILLIAM, Reading, an
early sett. perhaps had d. Lydia to m. 19 Apr. 1669, Peter Cheever
of Salem.

    HALFORD, THOMAS, a passeng. in the Christian from London,
1635, aged 20, of wh. I kn. no more.

    HALL, ANDREW, Boston, mariner, m. 1677, Ann, d. of Robert
Ratchell. ANDREW, Newton 1691. BENJAMIN, Dover 1659, was,
perhaps, a Quaker, wh. rem. to Portsmouth, R. 1. and m. 27 July 1676,
Frances, d. of George Parker, had Mary, b. 3 Apr. 1678;
William, 19 Aug,. 1680; Benjamin, 17 June 1682; George, 29 June 1685;
and Nathaniel, 29 June 1689. BENJAMIN, Yarmouth, s. of John the first of
the same, m. 7 Feb. 1678, Mehitable Matthews, perhaps d. of
James; and d. at Harwich. BENJAMIN, Wrentham, m. 9 Jan. 1692,
Sarah Fisher, had Sarah, b. 20 Feb. 1697, d. 6 May foll. Jeremiah, and
Benjamin, tw. 8 May 1703; Preserved, 28 Nov. 1706; Sarah, again, 15 Mar.
1709; beside prob. Edward, and Josiah. He d. 25 Aug. 1726; and his wid. d.
2 Nov. 1756. CHRISTOPHER, Groton, by w. Sarah had Grace, b. 25 Nov.
1672; and John, 9 Apr. 1681. DANIEL, New Haven, merch. m. 16 Nov. 1670,
Mary, d. of Henry Rutherford, had Daniel, b. 9 Aug. 1672, d. in few mos.;
Daniel, again, 4 Jan. 1674; and Rotherford, 21 Apr. 1675; d. at Barbados, 1675.
His wid. m. 23 Aug. 1681, John Prout. EDWARD, Cambridge 1636, freem.
2 May 1638, had w. Margaret who outliv. him, but no ch. In his will
of 20 Jan. 1678, he calls hims. 70 yrs. old. Matchless Mitchell's ch. reg.
gives this couple no ch. and his next is, wid. Mary H. whose ch. were all
adult, when she join.; and he adds, two of them, John and Susanna are
since join. to the ch. of Concord. EDWARD, Duxbury 1636, or 7, was of
Taunton, in 1641, says Winsor, but back again at D. next yr. a
propr at the sett. of Bridgewater in 1643; and withdrew from the
jurisdict. in 1652, but prob. was of Rehoboth, made his will 23 Nov.
1670, nam. w. Esther and s. John. EDWARD, Lynn, s. of John, had w. Sarah,
and ch. Joseph, b. 3 July 1646; Ephraim, 8 Sept. 1648; Sarah, Aug. 1651; Elizabeth
30 Apr. 1651; and Rebecca, 30 Apr. 1657; and he d. 15 Apr. 1657. But Felt
calls this Hale. The same author's erron. date, assign. for his d. Geneal. Reg. V.
251, is manifest, for he made his will more than ten yrs. later viz. 2 Feb. 1668,
pro. 28 Sept. 1669. Keayne, giv. him a legacy in his will, has odd words of
praise. EDWARD, Braintree 1640, by w. Esther had John, b. 23 Jan. 1651; and Esther,
23 Oct. 1654; may have been of Rehoboth in 1658. There his d. Esther m. 24 Dec. 1674,