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Volume 2, Page 290

but on the overthrow of that admin. was impris. without bail. Hutch. Coll.
564. Hist. I. 388. Revol. in N. E. Just. 21. 31.

    GRAME, SAMUEL, Boston 1641, a pewterer, join. the ch. 26 Mar. 1642,
had bapt. next day d. Mary, 3 yrs. old.

    GRANGER, BRYAN, Salem 1637. Felt. GEORGE, Suffield, s. of Lancelot of
the same, m. 26 Apr. 1693, Lydia, d. of Rev. John Younglove, but of Ch. or
of d. of h. or w. I hear not. JOHN, Scituate 1640, left wid. Grace, in whose
will of 24 Nov. 1648, are nam. minor s. John, and d. Elizabeth The s. d. at
Marshfield, prob. 4 Oct. 1655. JOHN, Andover, perhaps eldest s. of
Lancelot, m. 9 Feb. 1680, Martha, prob. d. of Daniel Poor, had Mary, wh. d.
16 Dec. 1682; and his wid. m. 21 Feb. 1700, Moses Haggett. LANCELOT, Ipswich
1648, rem. to Newbury, m. 4 Jan. 1654, Joanna, d. of Robert Adams, had
John, b. 15 Jan. 1655; George, 28 Nov. 1658; Elizabeth 13 Mar. 1662; Dorothy, 17
Feb. 1665; Samuel, 26 July 1668; and Abraham, 17 Apr. 1673; but he had
others at I. as Thomas; Rebecca, m. in 1686, Joseph Wolcott; Robert, k. at
Brookfield 1709; beside Hannah, and Mary, eleven ch. in all. In 1679 he rem.
to what is now Suffield, where his d. Elizabeth m. 16 July 1684, Vicary Sikes;
and there he d. 1689. His wid. Joanna was liv. 1701. All the ds. m. and
Abraham, with three brs. ea. had fams. at S. Hon. Gideon, P.-M.-Gen. of the
U. S. was of this stock. SAMUEL, Suffield, s. of the preced. m. Esther, d. of
deac. John Hanchet, had 3 Samuel, Esther, Deliverance, Abraham, John,
Jeremiah, and Robert. Of his d. the date is not seen, but his est. was div.
1722. THOMAS, Duxbury, serv. of Love Brewster; was execut. 1642, as Gov.
Bradford, 397, tells. THOMAS, Suffield, s. of Lancelot of the same, m. 14
Nov. 1683, Mindwell, d. of Stephen Taylor of Windsor, had Thomas, b. 9 Mar.
1684; William, 1 Nov. 1685; d. in few wks.; Eunice, 13 Jan. 1687; Elizabeth 26 Mar.
1692; and prob. others.

    GRANNIS, EDWARD, Hartford, m. 3 May 1655, Elizabeth d. of William
, had Joseph, b. 31 Mar. 1656, d. young; and perhaps more;
but he m. 1662, sec. w. Hannah, d. of John Wakefield, had Hannah, who m. 13 Jan.
1681, John Hill; Mabel, m. 2 Mar. 1684, John Johnson; Abigail, m. 20 Mar. 1689,
John Allen, jr.; rem. to Hadley, there had Sarah, b. 20 Oct. 1671, m. 28 Apr. 1690,
Nathaniel Bishop; John, 5 Dec. 1674; rem. again to Conn.; at New Haven,
where the name is still to be heard, had Joseph, 12 Mar. 1677; and Ann,
wh. m. 8 Jan. 1707, Moses Brackett; and the f. d. 10 Dec. 1719.
JOHN, New Haven 1670, may have been br. of the preced. JOSEPH, New
Haven, s. of Edward, m. 3 Nov. 1702, Hannah, d. of John Russell, had
Joseph, William, Russell, Thomas, Stephen, Isaac, Sarah, Ann, Mabel, and

    GRANT, ALEXANDER, Boston 1657, one of the found. of the Scot's
Charit. Soc. that yr. Among, the twelve Grants, transport. in the John