Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p289

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Volume 2, Page 289

Dedham, freem. 1644, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 13 Nov. 1645. SIMON, Rowley, a
soldier of Appleton's comp. wound. in the gr. battle of Philip's war, 19 Dec.

    GOYT, JOHN, Dorchester 1635, rem. perhaps 1642, or earlier, to
Salem, where Mary, prob. his w. was adm. to the ch. 1643, had there bapt.
Joseph, and Mary, 30 July 1643, and Mary, again, 17 Mar. 1644; was of
Marblehead 1648, and d. there, a. 1663, at least, his inv. has that date.

    GOZZARD, NICHOLAS, Windsor, d. 1693, leav. wid. Elizabeth and
ch. Elizabeth then 21; Nathaniel, 16; and John, 11.

    GRAFFORT, ‡ THOMAS, Portsmouth, m. 11 Dec. 1684, Bridget, wid. of Thomas
Daniel, d. of Richard Cutts, was a couns. of the Prov. 1692, rem. to Boston bef. 1695,
and d. 6 Aug. 1697. His wid. d. 29 May 1701.

    GRAFTON, JOHN, Salem, mariner, s. of Joseph, of wh. Mather, Magn. tells the
story, copied from his f.'s Remarkab. Provid. cap. I. how he was, in Sept. 1669, shipwr.
and preserv. m. 1 Dec. 1659, Seeth, d. of the first Thomas Gardner, had Mary, b. 7 Sept.
1660; Seeth, 28 Apr. 1665; Abigail, 12 Aug. 1667; Jehoadan, 1 Oct. 1669;
Margaret, 24 Jan. 1671; and Nathaniel, 14 July 1672; freem. 1680, d. 24 Nov.
1715. Mary m. 25 July 1678, Joseph Hardy. JOSEPH, Salem 1636, freem. 17
May 1637; had w. Mary wh. d. Nov 1674, and ch. Priscilla; Joseph, bapt. 24
Jan. 1637; John, 28 Apr. 1639, bef. ment. and Nathaniel, 24 Apr. or 1 May
1642. He was an active mariner and merch. His sec. w. was Bethia, wid. of
capt. Thomas Lathrop, d. of Daniel Rea, or Ray, wh. as admor. of L. join.
with him in 1681, to sett. the est. with Ezekiel Cheever, and his w. Ellen,
sis. of L. and after his (G.'s) d. m. bef. 26 June 1683, deac. William
Goodhue. Priscilla m. 20 Feb. 1654, John Gardner. JOSEPH, Salem, s. of the
preced. m. 29 Oct. 1657, Hannah, d. of Joshua Hobart of Hingham, had
Joseph, b. 17 Aug. 1658; Joshua, 9 Apr. 1660; and Martha, 17 Aug. 1658. He m.
30 June 1664, sec. w. Eliz. Brown, was freem. 1669, d. at Barbados, Feb.
1670, or 1. His wid. gave inv. 29 June 1671. JOSHUA, Salem 1649. Felt. I
suppose he was br. of first Joseph. NATHANIEL, Salem, s. of the first Joseph,
m. 6 Apr. 1665, Elizabeth d. of Moses Maverick, had Elizabeth b. 18 Dec. 1667; Remember,
29 Sept. 1669; Priscilla, 12 Mar. 1671; and he d. at Barbados, 11 Feb. 1671, unless
confus. with Joseph. His wid. m. a Skinner; and his d. Elizabeth m. William Hughes, and
Priscilla m. Thomas Jackson. See Geneal. Reg. VIII. 270, in note. THOMAS, N.
Hampsh. 1689.

    GRAHAM, BENJAMIN, Hartford, m. Abigail Humphrey, prob. d. of John of
Simsbury, and she d. 27 June 1697. He m. next, 20 or 28 Nov. 1698, Sarah, wid.
of John Webster, d. of Jacob Mygat, and d. 1725. HENRY, See Grihme. JAMES,
Boston, came, prob. as friend of Andros, and was his Atty.-Gen.