Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p283


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Volume 2, Page 283

22 Sept. 1669; Samuel, 22 July 1672; John; and Benjamin, a. 1681.
SAMUEL, Warwick, a. most active relig. disturber of sev. places, b. a.
1600, at Gloton, where, he says, his fam. had been many generat. came
to Boston 1636, went soon to Plymouth, thence, in 1638, to Rhode Isl.
was adm. an inhab. 27 June of that yr. but in the autumn of 1611 was
disquieting Roger Willinms at Providence; in 1643, with Holden,
Greene, and others, made the great movem. to purchase of Warwick
from the Ind. wh. led to hostile aggress. by the governm. of Mass. who
took all his sett. prisoners, and punish. them cruel. not without some
hesitat. even sparing their lives. next yr. he went to Eng. with other
suffer. and obtain. just assertion of his right, and had peace near thirty
yrs. for his adherents in the cloudy doctrines. See good Mem. in R. I.
Hist. Coll. Il. by Judge Staples; and critical disquis. by Charles Deane
in Genealog. Reg. IV. 201. He had ch. Samuel, John, and Benjamin,
beside the ds. Maher, wh. m. Daniel Coles; Mary, wh. m. perhaps, Peter
Greene, first, and, next, John Sanford; Sarah, wh. m. William Mace;
Ann, wh. m. John Warner; Elizabeth m. John Crandall, and Susanna, m.
Benjamin Barton. SAMUEL, Warwick, eldest s. of the preced. m. 11
Dec. 1684, Susanna, d. of William Burton, had Samuel, b. 1 June 1690;
Hezekiah, 11 June 1692; and Susanna, 4 June 1694; and d. 1724, aged,
as report is, 94 yrs. but that may seem greatly exagger. He was old
eno. in 1670 to act as interpreter betw. the Eng. and Ind. THOMAS,
Portsmouth, R. I. freem. 1655.

    GOSIER, BASTIAN, Boston, a strange name of some Huguenot, I suppose,
of less importance than most of that noble comp. wh. the earliest
ment. of, in our town rec. is under the name of Gazeau, as hav. by w.
Elizabeth s. Bartholomew, b. 23 Apr. 1686; William, 19 Aug. 1687; John,
4 Aug. 1689; and Elizabeth Sept. 1690. Perhaps he was invited by the
clk. to write, and the sec. ch. appears to be s. of Bastian Geffeere, so
that the chirogra. was as difficult to be made out as the sound. In
growing towards English, from Gazeau, I give the form wh. is claim.
for the two last ch. He may have rem. from B.

    GOSMER, JOHN, Southampton, L. I. 1641, took est. Aug. 1665 in
Boston, wh. in June 1658, he made over "to his kinswo. Ann, w. of
Richard Carter."

    GOSNALL, HENRY, Boston 1634, had w. Mary.

    GOSNOLD, BARTHOLOMEW, the disting. navigat. s. and heir, as he
styles hims. of Anthony G. of Grundisburgh, first nam. in honor of
his Sovereign, if he did not discov. the Elizabeth islands, S. W. of
Cape Cod, and plant. a small col. on Cuttyhunk 1602, soon giv. up;
renew. in 1606, the plant. of Virg. and d. there 22 Aug. of next yr.
leav. no issue, unless possib. the last above nam. were a s. wh. is not
very likely.