Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p257


Volume 2, Page 257

    GILLINGHAM, JAMES, Salem, perhaps s. of William, prob. bef. 1692, m. 22 May
of that yr. Rebecca, d. of John Bly of the same, had Rebecca, b. 10 Feb. 1693; Hannah,
22 July 1694; James, 2 Feb. 1696; Benjamin, 7 Sept. 1697; Martha, 13 Jan. 1699;
Deborah, 28 July 1700; John, 19 Jan. 1704; Mary, 31 Aug. 1705; William, 26
Dec. 1706; Jonathan, 9 Oct. 1709; and David, 7 Dec. 1711. WILLIAM, perhaps of
Charlestown, m. 13 Oct. 1664, Agnes Walden, wh. next m. 22 Dec. 1670, Joseph

    GILLOW, BENJAMIN, Lynn 1637, s. of John. JOHN, Lynn 1637, had Benjamin,
John, and perhaps more ch. He is, perhaps, the cow-keeper, of wh. good story
is told in Winthrop I. 274. JOHN, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 7 Apr. 1666, Sarah
, had John, b. 6 Jan. 1667; Mary; Sarah, 2 Oct. 1670; and Robert, 20 Apr. 1673,
posthum. for the f. d. two mos. preced. His will of 20 Feb. pro. 27 June 1673, ment. w.
three ch. by names, and the expect. one. THOMAS, Lynn 1639, perhaps br. of
the preced. Lewis.

    GILLOWAY, JOHN, Lynn 1637, means the same name as the preced.

    GILMAN, ALEXANDER, Marblehead 1670. CALEB, Exeter, youngest s. of Moses
the first m. Susanna, d. of lieut. Peter Folsom, had David and Caleb. DAVID, Exeter, br.
of Caleb, had no w. and d. 1735. EDWARD, Hingham, came to Boston 1638, in the
Diligent, with w. three s. two ds. and three serv.; was from Hingham, Eng. where the
fam. is still resid. in high esteem; freem. 13 Mar. 1639. His w. m. 3 June 1614, was Mary
Clark, and the old ch. rec. in Eng. shows bapt. of his ch. Mary, 6 Aug. 1615; Edward,
26 Dec. 1617; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1622; John, 23 May 1626; and Moses, 11 Mar. 1630.
One of these prob. d. at home, and Lydia, we kn. was b. in Eng. He rem. to
Rehoboth 1643, and to Ipswich soon after, where he was 1647; and, after
1652, to Exeter, there d. One of his ds. m. it is thot. John Leavitt; Lydia,
certain. was w. of Daniel Cushing, m. 19 June 1645; one is believ. to have
m. John Fabins; and one m. a Hersey; but perhaps one or more were b. at
Hingham; or one may have had two hs. EDWARD, Ipswich 1647, Exeter 1652, s.
of the preced. b. in Eng. m. Abigail, d. of Antipas Maverick of Kittery, but
whether she was first w. or sec. uncert. had prob. a fam. yet we are not
told more than that he was s.-in-law of Richard Smith, had Edward and
went for home in 1653 to obt. mill gear, and was lost at sea. EDWARD,
Exeter, s. prob. of the preced.[1] m. 20 Dec. 1674, Abigail Mandrake[1]; but I kn.
no more. EZEKIEL, perhaps s. of the preced. was serg. of capt. Turner's comp. 1676 in
Philip's war. JEREMIAH, Exeter, s. of first Moses, m. Mary, d. of Andrew Wiggin, had
Jeremiah, Andrew, Simon, Israel, Thomas, BenJamin, Ezekiel, Joseph, bapt.
at Hampton 24 Oct. 1697; and Hannah, bapt. at the same time. ‡ JOHN,
Exeter, s. of first Edward, b. in Eng. m. 30 June 1657, Elizabeth d. of James
Treworgy, or Trueworthy, wh. d. 8 Sept, 1719, had six s. and ten ds. viz.
Mary, b. 10 Sept. 1608; Elizabeth 16 Aug. 1661; Catharine, 16 Mar. 1665, d. at 19
yrs.; Sarah, 25