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Volume 2, Page 248

and no more is kn. Seven of this name, including Gibbes, had,in 1828, been
gr. at Harv. and six at Yale and N. J. coll.

    GIBSON, CHRISTOPHER, Dorchester 1630, came, prob. in the Mary and John,
desir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. but why he took not the o. is unkn. m. Margaret, d. of James
Bates; rem. to Boston 1646, and was one of the found. of 2d ch. 5 June 1650,
chos. 6 Nov. 1670, a deac. and d. 3 Oct. 1674. He was a soap-boiler, gave
town of Dorchester some ld. valuable to their purpose in 1846. JOHN,
Cambridge 1634, freem. 17 May 1637, in petition to the k. 1688, calls hims.
87; [Hutch. 1. 367.] and he d. 1694. His w. was Rebecca (wh. was bur. 1 Dec.
1661, by Eliot's ch. rec. prob. correct, while ano. by interchange of the
numerals for day and mo. made the date 10 Mar. and the anxious may go to
the orig.), and ch. Rebecca; Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1637; Martha 29 Apr. 1639;
beside John; and Samuel, b. 28 Oct. 1644; the eldest s. and d. were prob. b.
in Eng. He m. sec. w. 24 July 1662, Joanna, wid. of Henry Prentiss; Rebecca
m. 22 June 1654, Charles Stearns of Cambridge; Mary m. 3 Apr. 1655, John
Ruggles; and Martha m. 3 Nov. 1657, Jacob Newell; both of Roxbury. JOHN,
Cambridge, s. of the preced. b. prob. in Eng. m. 9 Dec. 1668, Rebecca
Errington, had Rebecca, b. 4 Oct. 1669; Timothy; and Mary; and d. 15 Oct.
1679, aged 48, says Harris, Epit. 7, where he mistook the s. for the f.
JOHN, Watertown, m. 14 Oct. 1680, Hannah, d. of Joseph Underwood, had
Silence, b. 17 Dec. 1680; and Mary, 27 July 1682. RICHARD, Portsmouth, bred
at Magdalen Coll. Cambr. had his A. B. 1636, perhaps came in Apr. 1637,
under patronage of Trelawney to instr. his fishermen at Richmond Isle,
and preach., after, at Isle of Shoals, gave offence to our governm. by
exercise of his funct. of bapt. and m. as Episcop. ord. and went home in
1642. Willis, L 26. Folsom, 78. 9. Winthrop II. 66. RICHARD, Maine, a soldier,
very severely punish. 1674 for drunken. and strik. his capt. Frost; yet
the same, or ano. RICHARD was on serv. in opposite quarter of the
country, Dec. 1675, under Moseley. ROGER, New London 1675, said to be
from R. I. had William, and only d. Thankful, wh. m. George Smith; d. a. 1682.
SAMUEL, Cambridge, s. of John the first, m. 30 Oct. 1668, Sarah, d. of
James Pemberton, had Martha, b. 12 Dec. 1671, and Samuel, wh. d. 14 Sept.
1676, and his w. a. lo Oct. foll. and he m. 14 June 1679, Elizabeth Stedman, wid.
of John, and d. of John Remington; was freem. 1690. WILLIAM, Boston 1665,
or Lynn, where his s. Purchas d. 15 June 1665; and Aquila d. 4 Nov.1671; a
cordwainer, was freem. 1677; and I suppose the gifted preacher ment. by
Backus, I. 435. WILLIAM, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. m. Hannah, d. of
Gamaliel Phippen. WILLIAM, New London, s. of Roger. Two of this name had,
in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and six at Yale and N. J. coll.