Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p245

Volume 2, Page 245

    GIBBONS or GIBBINS, AMBROSE, Portsmouth 1630, factor of the Comp.
of Laconia, came that yr. and his W. came the foll. of Dover, 1648, a
selectman, liv. at the part, call. Oyster river, d. 11 July 1656, and May
1657, his Admor. sold the est. His d. Rebecca m. Henry Sherburne. � * D
EDWARD, Charlestown 1630, had some yrs. earlier liv. among the ch. of
misrule at Mount Wollaston, but was seriously impress. by the service,
1629, at ordin. of Higginson and Skelton; request. to be freem. 19 Oct.
1630, and was rec. 18 May foll. rem. soon to Boston, was rep. 1635, ar. co.
1637, its capt. 1641, 6, and 54, maj.gen. 1649, Assist. 1650, d. 9 Dec. 1654.
He had good est. but it was lost in his friendship for one of the two Fr.
competit. for L'Acadie. His w. was Margaret,and town rec. says d. Jerusha
was b. 5 Oct. 1631, prob. d. bef. bapt. but our ch. rec. ment. bapt. of
Jotham, 27 Oct. 1633; Edward, 3 Jan. 1636, d. soon; Edward, again, 26 Mar.
1637; a s. whose name is illegib. or preposterous, 7 Oct. 1638; and John, 18
Apr. 1641. Jotham was of Bermuda, 1655, but liv at Boston, and d. 1658; and
a Mr. Gibbons made a visit to Boston 1668. Scottow speaks of his "honorable
extract." A worthless forgery of six pages, pr. at London, 1708,
represent: as offic. despatch from com. of a Span. fleet, 1640, tells of
our maj. G. in July of that yr. on the N. W. coast of this contin. in a gr.
ship from Boston. By it the amiable credul. of a writer in N. A. Rev. No.
CII. p. 131, was nearly overcome, as on the next p. it wholly gave way to a
greater delusion; but the fraud was exposed in the No. foll. p. 562.
HENRY, New Haven, 1644, a propr. 1685, is, prob. that steward of Thomas
Trowbridge's affairs, when he left New Haven for Eng. His agency requir.
some force by the sons of T. to extricate their est. He d.late in 1686,
and gave his est. to Trowbridge. He calls William his br. JAMES, Saco,
came in the Increase, 1635, aged 21, sent with others by a London
goldsmith, freem. 1653, was a man of much serv. had w. Judith, d. of Thomas
Lewis, and ch. James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Charity, Rebecca, Rachel, Esther, and
Anthony. Folsom, 111. Rachel m. Robert Edgcomb. JAMES, Saco, s. of the
m. 1668, Dorcas, d. of William Seely. Folsom, 188. WILLIAM, Hartford
1639, sent with 20 men by George Wyllys, 1636, as agent to prepare a
sett. for his employer, was in good esteem, liv. 1647; had w. Ursula, and
only ch. Sarah, b. 17 Aug. 1645, wh. m. James Richards. WILLIAM, New
Haven, one of the signers to the compact of 1639, a propr. in 1685, br.
of Henry, bef. ment. His only ch. Ann m. Ellis Mew, outliv. him, and d. Feb.
1704. She had brot. in the inv. of her f. 1689. Sarah, passeng. arr. at
Boston in the Speedwell, 27 July 1656, aged 21, was banish. as quaker.

    GIBBS, BENJAMIN, Boston, perhaps s. of Giles, was first at Boston
1662, by w. Lydia, d. of Joshua Scottow, had Benjamin, b. 22 May