Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p100


Volume 2, Page 100

June 1664; but the Secr.'s list of freem. 1665, calls him of Roxbury. Next
yr. among freem. from Boston he certif. Edm. Eddington, wh. I judge to be
the same. His d. Mary m. 23 Sept. 1651, William Baker; Sarah m. 1656,
Thomas Rand; Mehitable m. 17 Oct. 1674, John Nutter; and Rebecca m. 16 Dec.
1684, Samuel Lord.

    EDES, EADS, EADES or EEDS, EDWARDS, Boston, shipwright, s. of
John the first of Charlestown, m. 26 June 1704, Martha, youngest d. of Peter
Frothingham, had Edward, b. 6 June 1705; John, Nov. 1707; Jonathan, 2 Aug.
1709; and Martha, 26 May 1711. His w. d. 13 Oct. 1712, and he m. 15 July 1714,
Susanna, d. of John Welch, had Thomas, 11 Apr. 1715; William, 8 Mar. 1717; and
d. Sept. 1730. His wid. m. 1733, John Pickney, and next, 1739, Erasmus Stevens.
JOHN, Boston, by w. Catharine had John, b. 25 Oct. 1680, prob. d. young;
John, again, 6 Nov. 1686; and Elizabeth 11 Feb. 1689, wh. d. at 13 yrs.
JOHN, Charlestown, m. 15 Oct. 1674, Mary Tufts, d. of Peter, had John,
bapt. 22 Aug. 1680; Edward, 9 Oct. 1681; Mary, 4 May 1684; Peter, b. 19 Aug.
bapt. 21 Nov. 1686; Jonathan, 3, bapt. 9 Dec. 1688; and Sarah, 5 Apr. 1691;
and d. next yr. Mary m. 1708, Thomas Willet; and Sarah m. 1713, Charles
Wager. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 13 Apr. 1698, Grace
, had John, and Edward, bapt. 18 May 1701; and Elizabeth 19 Oct. 1701;
beside Daniel, Thomas, and six more. JONATHAN, Charlestown, br. of the
preced. m. 1712, Joanna Willet of Newbury. NICHOLAS, Southold, L. I. 1673.
PETER, Charlestown, s. of the first John of the same, m. 1714, Martha Mudge.
PHILIP, Newport 1678, had been an officer in Cromwell's fam. in good reput.
d. 16 Mar. 1682. PHILIP, Casco 1689. Willis, 1. 191. WILLIAM, Salem 1629,
came in the fleet with Higginson. Young's Chron. of Mass. 179. WILLIAM,
Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Nicholas, b. 21 Sept. 1687; and Elizabeth 24 Sept. 1689.

    EDGARTON, RICHARD, Saybrook, m. 8 Apr. 1653, Mary Sylvester, had
Mary, b. 3 Feb. 1655; Elizabeth 25 Dec. 1657; Ann or Hannah, 24 Sept. 1659; rem.
next yr. to Norwich, there had John, 12 June 1662, Richard, 10 Mar. 1665;
Sarah, Apr. 1667; Samuel, May 1670; Lydia, Apr. 1675; and Joseph, 8 Mar.

    EDGE, ROBERT, emb. at London 1635, aged 25, in the Hopewell, Capt.
Babb. Possib. the name may be the same as Hedge; or it may be that the
custom ho. rec. meant a y what I read a g.

    EDGECOMB, JOHN, New London 1670, m. 9 Feb. 1673, Sarah, d. of Edward
, the rec. calls him "s. of Nicholas E. of Plymouth, old Eng." had
Margaret, b. 1674; John, 14 Nov. 1675; Sarah, 29 July 1678; Joanna, 3 Mar.
1680; Nicholas; Samuel, 1690; and Thomas; d. Apr. 1721, at gr. age. NICHOLAS,
Scarborough 1640, took o. of submis. to Mass. 13 July 1658; but as I find
his subscript. by a mark, he was not, prob. (as Farmer thot.) of the fam.
of Sir Richard E. of Mount Edgcombe in Devon. Yet he may have been a
depend. of that ho. He rem. a. 1660 to Saco. In Southgate, p. 25, we learn
that his d. Mary m. George Page of Saco; and next, John Ashton of Scarborough;
and that his other d. Joanna m. a Pynchon of Boston. Christopher, John, Michael,
and Robert, soldiers at Blackpoint, Scarborough, 1676, were, we may well imagine,
his s. John was one of the selectmen of Saco 1676; Robert m. Rachel, d. of James
of Saco, and there d. 1730, aged 74.