Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p72


Volume 1, Page 72

of Sylvester Baldwin, was chos. rep. 1643 and 4, afterwards an Assist. of
the Col. and a Commissioner. of the Unit. Cols. in 1653, went home, as
agent, the next yr. and d. at London soon. His wid. d. Nov. 1669.

    ATCHINSON or ATCHISON, JOHN, Hatfield 1672, k. by the Ind. 19
Sept. 1677, leav. Elizabeth Mary, John, and Benoni, of wh. the last d. 1704
at Springfield, and John d. 1738 at Brimfield.

    ATHEARN, SIMON, Martha's Vineyard, had come from New Hampsh.
it is said, and m. Mary Butler, was rep. 1692, first under the new chart.
by wh. that isl. was tak. from New York, and giv. to Mass. d. 26 Feb.
1711, aged 71. His ch. Solomon, Jethro, and Zerviah were bapt. at
Barnstable, 14 July 1700, in right of his w. Descend. are num. at the

    ATHERSTON, JOHN, Boston, came from London, 1634, in the Susan
and Ellen, aged 24; but we see not any acco. of his resid. ret. or d.

    ATHERTON, CONSIDER, Dorchester, s. of Humphrey of the same, m.
19 Dec. 1661 Ann Annable, as Mr. Clapp, the histor. of D. assures me,
and I wish he could say, whose d. she was, had Humphrey, whose pious
duty in repair. the sepulchre of his gr.f. the town reward. by gr. of
9 acres of meadow. HOPE, Hatfield, s. of Humphrey, after leav.
coll. taught for some time the gr. sch. at Dorchester, began in 1669
to preach, was ord. 1671, freem. 1672, m. 1674, Sarah, d. of John Hollister
of Wethersfield, had Hope, and Joseph, tw. b. 7 Jan. 1675, of wh.
Hope prob. d. soon; and Sarah, 26 Oct. 1676. He serv. as chaplain, in
Philip's war, to those forces employ. in the neighb. and at the battle of the
Falls in Montague was present, 18 May 1676, under Capt. Turner, whose
name has been since giv. to the cataract. During, the retreat he was
thrown from his horse, and lost in the woods; and tradit. tells (Hoyt's
Antiq. Research. 133, 4), that the Ind. to wh. he in his destitut. offer. to
surrender; so reverenc. or fear. his madness or sanctity, as to refuse to rec.
him. He reach. home uninjur. exc. in the mind, hav. strange hallucinat.
prob. from exhaust. or sleeplessn. or hunger, and d. 8 June 1677. The
wid. m. Timothy Baker. * HUMPHREY, Dorchester 1636, came, perhaps,
from Preston in Lancash. where the name contin. so late as 1780;
was freem. 2 May 1638, ar. co. the same yr. and its capt. 1650, often selectman,
and rep. nine yrs. fr. 1638, but not in success. yrs. and an Assist.
chos. ann. 1654 to his d. and in 1656, succeed. Sedgwick, as Major-Gen.
He d. 16 Sept. 1661, says the inscript. print. in Alden's Epit. and as that
was Monday, and prob. refers to the cause of his d. thrown from his horse,
on return from milit. rev. on Boston common by rid. over a cow, I prefer
to say 17 Sept. (a. one o'clock. A. M. acc. the MS. of John Hull's Diary).
Capt. Johnson, in Wonderwork. Provid. of Zion's Saviour; gives him good
character; and Hubbard excites our fears, that everybody did not value