Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p71


Volume 1, Page 71

at organiz. of ch. soon rem. to Boston, freem. 3 Apr. 1632, rep. chos. in
place of Henry Vane, wh. went home Aug,. 1637; but as a supporter of
Wheelwright, and follow. of the teach. of Mrs. Hutchinson, was dismiss.
disarm. disfranch. and banish. First he went to R. I. with so many
other of his fellow saints, and was Secr. of that Col. but short time he
liv. at New Haven 1641 and 2, yet came again, by favor of Court, to
Boston, was clk. of the writs, or recorder, and ar. co. 1643; certain. a
propr. at Watertown, tho. never resid. there, went home, and in 1653
publish. a queer book as prognostic of the millennium to open in 20 yrs.
No mortificat. was felt prob. by him for non-arriv. of this fifth monarchy,
as I suppose he did not even live to see the success of the rival dynasty.
Cromwell alone was powerful eno. to retard such event, and the whole
body of the people of Eng. with unanim. that was never bef. or since
equal. in that kingd. by calls for the restor. of the ho. of Stuart postpon.
the success of such enthusiasm. Of his fam. my report will be less
exact than should be expect. yet that is not for failure of diligent inquiry.
By w. Elizabeth (somehow sis. of Christopher Stanley, more prob. of his w.
Susanna, wh. bec. w. of Lieut. William Phillips) he had Edward, b. 26
Sept. 1630, d. soon; Hannah, 25 Dec. 1631; and of neither is the rec.
of bapt. preserv. Elizabeth of whose b. the town rec. is defic. was bapt. 22
Sept. 1633; Samuel, equal. unkn. by town rec. was bapt. 20th Sept. 1635;
Ethannah, b. 1, bapt. 12 Mar. 1637; and Dorcas, b. in his banishm. 14
Feb. 1640, and perhaps Mary. Hannah m. 1651, John Angier.

    ASTWOOD, JAMES, Roxbury, came (with w. Sarah and a ch. wh. soon
d.) in May 1638, had James, b. 29 Nov. 1638; John, 20 Sept. 1610, d.
at 6 mos. John, again, whose b. is wrong on rec. of town, as he was
bapt. 6 Mar. 1642; Joseph, 19 Nov. 1643, d. soon; Joseph, again, 10
Nov. 1644; both these dates being giv. as rec. of b. that may well be
doubt. as both were the days of bapt. Sarah, bapt. 14 June 1646; and
Mary, 26 Dec. 1647; of whose dates of b. it may be slightly lament.
that we are ign. He was freem. 22 May 1639, rem. to Boston to bec.
one of the found. of the sec. ch. where the name is Ulit. prob. as sound.
Ashwood. The d. Mary, d. 21 Jan. 1652; and he d. the yr. after. His
will of Sept. 1653, pro. 13 Oct. foll. is abbrev. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 337;
and his wid. refus. execut. of that instrum. by wh. the est. was div. into
seven parts, excus. hers. as going to Eng. In Vol. VIII. 62 of the same
periodic. where the name appears Astod, as if the alphabet were short, as
p. 275 proves were the assets, not above 1/6 in the £, we see adequate
apology. JOHN, Roxbury, came by the Hopewell, Capt. Bundocke,
in the spring, of 1635, aged 26, a husbandman from Stanstead Abbey, Co.
Herts, at R. had a w. Martha, wh. may have come in the same ship, was
freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Milford 1639, there m. next yr. Sarah, wid.