Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p50


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Volume 1, Page 50

his br. John, wh. if we judge by order of names in the rec. of Wrentham,
was the younger, went home with our scholar. Of this name nine had,
in 1834, been gr. at Harv. none at Yale, one at Dart. and three at other
N. E. coll. as Farmer found.

    AMEY or AMEE, JOHN, Woburn 1649, by w. Martha, d. of Edward
Johnson, the historian, had Mary, b. 27 Feb. 1650; rem. to Boston 1653,
had John, 4 or 12 Mar. 1654; Martha, 10 Nov. 1655; and William, 24
Mar. 1657; beside Martha, again, 23 Feb. 1660. He was a ship carpenter.
WILLIAM, Lynn, in 1637, with others, had liberty to rem. to begin settlem.
of Sandwich.

    AMORY, SIMON, Boston, freeman 1672, had w. Mary, and d. early in
1677. WILLIAM, said to have found a miner. hill above Deerfield, 1685.

    AMOS, HUGH, Boston, freem. 1666, was of the 2d ch. had John, bapt.
there that yr. perhaps rem. to Norwich, where he had Mary, b. Jan. 1671;
and Samuel, Jan. 1673. These three ch. with ano. d. Ann div. his est.
in 1707. He liv. on the E. side of the riv. now Preston, and his name
designates one of the beautif. ponds of that town.

    AMSBURY. See Armsbee.

    AMSDEN, ISAAC, Cambridge, m. 8 June 1654, Frances Perriman, whose
f. is unkn. had Isaac, b. 1656; and Jacob, 17 Nov. 1657; both bapt. 3
Nov. 1661, the mo. being adm. of the ch. few days bef. and he d. 7 Apr.
1659, if we take Harris's Epit. 169, for conclusive; but we might judge
from Pro. rec. where ment. of admin. giv. 25 June 1661, to his wid. that
he had d. only 19 days bef. The wid. m. 14 Feb. 1663, Richard Cutter.
ISAAC, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 17 May 1677, Jane Rutter, perhaps
d. of John of Sudbury, had Elizabeth b. 3 Feb. foll. Isaac, 29 Aug.
1680; John 28 Dec. 1685; Thomas, 9 Jan. 1687; Jacob, 29 Feb. 1688;
and Abraham 15 Oct. 1692, as suppl. by a scrupul. writer in Geneal.
Reg. XV. 21, tho. I feel compel to change an impossib. date. JACOB,
Cambridge, s. of Isaac the first, d. 11 June 1701, as we learn from
Harris, 29, and any thing, else is learn. from nobody. JOHN, Hatfield,
perhaps s. of the first Isaac by a w. bef. Frances, or even bef. he sett. at
Cambridge, or came from Eng. there this man liv. ten yrs. but at H. d.
1696, leav. John and Isaac, of wh. the latter d. young, and the former
resid. at Deerfield, where he was drown. 1742, and two of his s. were k.
by the Ind. 1746. Descend. may be found there. Matchless Mitchell
spells the name Embsden.

    ANCHOR, THOMAS, Boston 1646.

    ANDERSON, ARCHIBALD, Lynn, employ. at the iron works, came from
Scotland, and d. 13 Aug. 1661. DAVID, New Haven 1639, whip. for
drunk. and not much better in 1641, as in Col. Rec. I. 28 and 59 appears.
DAVID, Charlestown 1675, prob. s. of John of Boston, by w. Catharine
Richardson, m. 12 Sept. 1679, had John, wh. d. that yr. at 3 mos. David,
bapt. 23 Sept. 1677, perhaps a posthum. ch. for his f. d. in May preced. on
his way, as master of the ship Blessing, home from London. His first w. m.
5 June 1667, was Hannah Nichols, wh. d. 18 July 1671. GAWEN, Roxbury,