Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p460


Volume 1, Page 460

was made freem. of Conn. that yr. m. Margaret, d. of Jeffrey Christophers,
had Margaret, wh. m. Willoughby Lynde of Saybrook. GILES,
Salem 1649, had d. Deliverance, b, 5 Aug. 1658, by w. Margaret; and m.
sec. w. 11 Apr. 1664, Mary Britz, wh. d. 27 Aug. 1684, aged 63. He had
third w. Martha, uh. was adm. of the ch. at the vill. now Danvers, 27
Apr. 1690, impris. in Mar. 1692, convict. and hang. for witchcraft on the
Thursday foll. the suffer. of her h. At the age of almost 77, he was
the victim of that execrable fanaticism of 1692. When the preposterous
indictment was read, he stood mute, tho. he had bef. said he was not
guilty; and was, by force of sentence under the cruel old common law,
pressed to death, Felt says, on 19th (other acco. 16th, wh. must be
wrong) Sept. being the only person wh. ever endur. that barbarous
process in Mass. On 25 July he confirm. the will made in prison 24
Apr. preced. giv. est. to his s.-in-law William Cleves of Beverly, and
John Moulton of Salem. He was a mem. of the first ch. by wh. of
course he was excommunicat. 18 Sept. the day bef. his dreadful fate;
and so long did the infernal delus. last, that this sentence was eras. by
vote only at the end of 20 yrs. tho. in case of his w. mem. of ano. ch.
the malignity last. but eleven yrs. Felt, Il. 475-85. Hutch. II. 59.
Calef, More Wonders of Invis. World, 217. 18. The late Hon. Daniel
P. King of Danvers occup. the homestead of poor Cory. In Essex
Hist. Coll. I. 56, is petitn. of his d. Elizabeth for self and other ch. His d.
Mary m. 29 May 1673, John Parker; Deliverance m. 5 June, 1683,
Henry Crosby; and Martha m. Cleves. JOHN, and THOMAS, were
of Chelmsford 1691; but I kn. no more of either. WILLIAM, Portsmouth,
R. I. had Michael, b. 21 Apr. 1688; and no more is heard of him.

    COSIN, COZENS or COUSINS, ABRAHAM, Sherborn, m. at Woburn,
19 Nov. 1684, Mary Eames, had Abraham, b. 22 Aug. 1685; Isaac, 2
June 1688; Jacob, and Joseph, tw. 13 Aug. 1692; and Mary, 10 May
1695. Morse thinks him s. of Isaac of Rowley, and that he had serv.
in the war against Philip. Tho. the two points are not utterly inconsist.
I look on their concur. as improb. EDMUND, Boston, liv. at Pulling
point, m. 1656 or 7, Margaret Bird, serv. to John Grover of Rumney
marsh. FRANCIS, was of ar. co. 1640. GEORGE, whose name is
Coussens in the custom ho. rec. came in the James from Southampton to
Boston, arr. 3 June 1635. ISAAC, Rowley, a. 1650, was from Marlborough,
in Wilts, went to New London, where he had a gr. of lot,
1651, but did not take it, and went back to R.; had w. Ann in 1658, on
the Boston rec. of m. (when the date is omit. tho. we may be sure it
was 1657), call. Hant, formerly w. of John Edwards; but on the same
rec. it appears, that by former w. Elizabeth wh. d. 14 Dec. 1656, he had
Sarah, b. 31 Aug. preced. and by w. Rebecca had Rebecca, b. 2
Apr. 1660. JOHN, Casco, in that pt. now North Yarmouth 1645,
b. a. 1596, d. at York 1689. Willis, I. 44. 55. 65. 231. MATTHEW,
Boston 1656. RICHARD, Saybrook, m. 7 Mar. 1678, Mary, d. of