Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p458


Volume 1, Page 458

m. Samuel Ladd; and Huldah C. prob. a d. m. 5 Nov. 1673, Samuel
Kingsbury. Descend. of sixth generat. still liv. on his farm. JOHN,
Haverhill, prob. s. of the preced. took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, and
perpet. the fam. I suppose.

    CORLET, ELIJAH, Cambridge, s. of Henry of London, bred at Lincoln
Coll. Oxford, where he was matric. 16 Mar. 1627, was sch.master
from 1641, when N. E. First Fruits, writ. 1642, takes notice of his
merit in that serv. until he d. 24 Feb. 1687, aged 76, as one acco. tells,
or by ano. in 78th yr. He was freem. 1645; by w. Barbara, d. prob. of
William Cutter, had Rebecca, b. 14 Aug. 1644; Hepzibah; and Ammi
Ruhamall, H. C. 1670. This s. taught the gr. sch. at Plymouth 1672,
and d. at Cambridge in office of tutor, 1 Feb. 1679. Hepzibah m. 21
May 1673, James Minot, and, 4 June 1684, Daniel Champney.

    CORNELL, GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. prob. s. of the first Thomas of
the same, m. Deliverance, d. of Gov. Walter Clarke. SAMUEL, Dartmouth,
took o. of fidel. 1684. THOMAS, Boston 1639, rem. to Portsmouth,
R. I. 1654, or earlier, was freem. there 1655, perhaps had
Thomas jr. of wh. perhaps that he was hang. for murder of his mo. is
all that is now wish. to be kn.

    CORNELLY, WILLIAM, Duxbury 1637. Winsor, 248, 306, with
strange spell. at the first.

    CORNEY or CURNEY, JOHN, Falmouth, had Elisha, b. 1668; rem. to
Salem or Gloucester. Willis, I. 209. At G. he m. 18 Nov. 1670,
Abigail Skilling, had Elisha, b. 25 Sept. 1672; Abigail, 8 Feb. 1676;
and John, 27 Sept. 1678, d. at 2 wks.

    CORNHILL or CORNING, RICHARD, Newtown, L. I. 1666. SAMUEL,
Salem 1638, b. a. 1616, freem. 2 June 1641, was one of the found. of the
ch. in Beverly 1667, had Samuel, wh. was of B. 1657; and Sarah, bapt. 4
June 1643. THOMAS, Boston 1638, then allow. to keep an ordinary;
had ld. at Mt. Wollaston, now Braintree, prob. accomp. Mrs. Hutchinson
to R. I. thence to Long Island, and there, in 1643, was cut off by the
Ind. Perhaps the spell. is sometimes Connell.

    CORNING, SAMUEL, Salem, perhaps had w. Hannah, d. of John
, as nam. in his will of 1675.

    CORNISH, EDWARD, serv. of John Harris, emb. at Barbados, 28 May
1679, for Boston, in the William and John. GABRIEL, perhaps of Norwalk,
s. of James, m. 1686, Elizabeth d. of George Wolcott. JAMES, Saybrook
1662, sch. master at Northampton 1664, where his w. d. 28 Dec.
of that yr. rem. to Westfield, freem. 1669; in 1678 was desir. at Norwalk
for some serv. and in Andros's time was clk. of the County Ct. had
Gabriel, wh. was under age in 1667; James, wh. went to Simsbury;
and perhaps other ch. RICHARD, Plymouth, of wh. no more is heard,
than that he was there 1637, and descend. are still. RICHARD, Mass.
1634, surety for his w.'s behavior [Hutch. I. 436,] may be the same wh.