Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p382

Volume 1, Page 382

Martin, Dart. C. 1789, was also Gov. and a. 1840. WILLIAM, Guilford,
came from E. Guilford, in Co. Sussex, adjoin. Rye, on the British
Channel, near the border of Kent, or perhaps from Kent, with w. Joan,
d. of Dr. Jacob Sheaffe of Cranbrook in Kent, and sis. of our Jacob
, and of the w. of Rev. Henry Whitfield, with wh. they came to
Boston 1638. He soon went to New Haven, was of the found. of the
ch. at G. 1 June 1639, and trustee of the ld. purch. from the Ind. for
the settlem. He had been a soldier in the Netherlands, and reach. the
rank of major, here was made lieut. of the force of New Haven Col. and
a magistr. for the rest of his days, rep. at 27 sess. betw. 1643 and 61,
and d. 1 Feb. of this last yr. His ch. were Thomas, Nathaniel, John,
Joanna, Elizabeth and Mary, all b. bef. the rec. of town begins; Hannah, b.
19 Nov. 1649, d. next yr.; Joseph, and Hannah, tw. 14 Apr. 1632 (of
wh. the s. d. in few wks. and the d. unm. d. at 22 yrs.); and Deborah, 16
Dec. 1653. His wid. m. 1 May 1663, Abraham Cruttenden, and d. 16
Aug. 1668. Elizabeth m. 16 June 1637, Thomas Wright, junr. of Wethersfield,
or possib. a differ. Thomas W.; Mary m. 4 Oct. 1670, John Leete,
eldest s. of the Gov.

    CHOATE, BENJAMIN, Kingston, an offshoot from Exeter, was prob.
youngest s. of the first John, and after leav. coll. was employ. in that new
settlem. in preach. sev. yrs. bef. 1723, but was never ord. nor does the
catal. give the yr. of his d. No ch. was gather. at K. bet: 1725. JOHN,
Ipswich 1648, was then 24 yrs. old, and is first ment. as contrib. for instr.
in the milit. art; by w. Ann had John, b. 15 June 1661; Samuel;
Mary, 16 June 1666; Thomas; Sarah; Margaret; Joseph; and prob.
Benjamin, H. C. 1703. He came, prob. from Sudbury, Co. Suffk. on
the border of Essex, not far from the home of our first Gov. Winth.
Perhaps he was s. of that goodm. C. wh. in June 1633 sent his regards
to the Gov. as convey. by Rev. Henry Jacie in a valua. letter of that
date to the younger John. He was serg. and d. 4 Dec. 1695. His wid.
d. 16 Feb. 1727. Sarah m. 13 Apr. 1693, John Burnham; and Margaret
m. Abraham Fitts, and d. 28 Feb. 1692. JOHN, Ipswich, s. of the
had four ws. m. first, 7 July 1684, Elizabeth Graves, sec. Elizabeth Giddings,
and, third, in 1723, Sarah Perkins, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1728; but
when the first, or sec. d. or when the sec. was m. or wh. was mo. of the
sec. ch. the loss of rec. forbids us to kn. His ch. were Dorothy; John,
b. May 1688; Robert, Apr. 1691; Ebenezer, Jan. 1695; Nehemiah,
July 1697; Benjamin, a. Nov. 1698, wh. d. Nov. 1716; Humphrey,
Nov. 1701; and Sarah. The fourth w. Prudence Marshall, d. 9 June
1732; and he d. 11 July 1733. He was deac. of the new ch. gather. 6
Sept. 1681, when Rev. John Wise, the gr. asserter of congrega. freedom,
was made pastor at the parish call. Chebacco. JOSEPH, Ipswich, br. of