Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p345

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Volume 1, Page 345

Abigail, d. of Samuel Allen the sec. had John, b. 1671, d. soon; Seth,
1672; John, again, 1674; Nathaniel, 1676; Eleazer, 1678; James,1680;
and rem. to Bristol, there with w. and seven. ch. was liv. in 1689, and his
w. was prob. Hannah. JONATHAN, Charlestown, s. of James, freem.
1682, by w. Hannah Winsor had two ch. bapt. 14 May 1682, whose names
are not giv. on the ch. rec. but by town rec. as Mr. Wyman assures me,
were James, b. 7 Dec. 1679; and Abigail, 13 Jan. 1682. An earlier ch.
Eleanor, b. 10 Dec. 1677, d. in few days. Also he had bapt. Samuel, 1
Apr. 1683; Ebenezer, 17 Aug. 1684; and Freelove, 26 Feb. 1688; was
deac. 1710, and his w. d. 14 Dec. 1715, aged a. 59. He d. 1737, and of
his descend. were Rev. Thomas, II. C. 1761; and Rev. Samuel, H. C.
1804. JOSEPH, Norwich, had gr. of Id. 1687 in that pt. now Preston.
NATHANIEL, Charlestown, br. of Jonathan, whose w. after barbarous
treatm. in the infernal delusion of 1692, was by him secret. convey. to N. Y.
there open. protect. by Gov. Fletcher. See Hutch. II. 47 and 8, but the gr.
historian of Mass. mistook the name of the br. wh. had this afflict. as in the
charm. Lectures on Witchcr. from p. 71 to 78, is shown by Upham. After
the demons were some yrs. gone from C. he return. and with his w. Elizabeth was
again rec. into the ch. as they had both been bef. when their ch. Elizabeth and
Martha were bapt. 11 July 1680; Nathaniel, 12 Sept. foll.; John, 28 Jan.
1683; and Mary, 14 Jan. 1690. NICHOLAS, Salem 1637, may have
been of Pemaquid 1674. Of this name, in 1838, eight had been gr. at Harv.
and two at Yale.

    CASE, BARTHOLOMEW, Simsbury, s. of John, m. 7 Dec. 1699, Mary,
d. of Samuel Humphrey, had Mary, b. 1701, d. soon; Thomas, 28 June
1702; Mary, again, 8 Nov. 1704; Elizabeth; Amos, 1712; Sarah, 1715;
Isaac, 23 Oct. 1717; Abraham, 20 Aug. 1720; and Abigail, 1721; and
d. 25 Oct. 1725. EBENEZER, Roxbury, m. 13 Mar. 1690, Patience, d.
of James Draper, had Mary, b. 20 July 1691; Jonathan, 1 Sept. 1693;
and perhaps he rem. EDWARD, Watertown, rem. soon to Taunton,
for wh. he was rep. 1640, and three yrs. more, but again rem. whither is
unkn. * JOHN, New London 1656, next yr. rem. to Windsor, and m.
Sarah, d. of William Spencer, had Eliz. b. a. 1658; Mary, 22 June
1660; John, 5 Nov. 1662; William, 5 June 1665; Samuel, 1 June
1667; Richard, 27 Aug. 1669; Bartholomew, Oct. 1670; Joseph, 6
Apr. 1674; Sarah, 14 Aug. 1676; and Abigail, 4 May 1682; but the
last five were b. after he rem. to Simsbury, of wh. he was constable
1669, and was rep. 1670, and sev. yrs. after. His w. d. 3 Nov. 1691,
aged 55; and he m. Eliz. wid. of Nathaniel Loomis, d. of John Moore,
and d. 21 Feb. 1704. His wid. d. 23 July 1728, aged 90. All his ch.
were liv. in 1700, it is said. Eliz. m. 1674, Joseph Lewis, and, next,
1684, John Tuller, both of S. and d. 9 Oct. 1718; Mary m. 1679, William
Alderman, and, next, 30 Mar. 1699, James Hilyer, both of S. and
d. a wid. 22 Aug. 1725; Sarah m. 6 Nov. 1699, Joseph Phelps, jr. as
his sec. w. and d. 2 May 1704; and Abigail m. 1 Sept. 1701, Joseph
Westover, jr. and outliv. him. JOHN, Simsbury, eldest s. of the preced.
m. 12 Sept. 1684, Mary, d. of Thomas Olcott the sec. had John, b. 6