Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p124


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Volume 1, Page 124

Jacob, 21 May 1667; Ruth, 27 Sept. 1669; Dorcas, 22 Apr. 1671; Joseph.
9 Mar. 1673; Israel, 17 June 1675; Jonathan, 29 Mar. 1677;
Samuel, 10 Feb. 1679; and Hannah, again, 6 Feb. 1681, wh. m. John
. JACOB, Boston 1668, was one of the found. of the first Bapt.
soc. in the town; yet no more is told of him, even in the valu. Hist. of
Boston by Mr. Drake

    BARNUM or BARNAM, RICHARD, may perhaps be thot. of Boston,
as he was in Moseley's comp. k. in the bloody assault, on Sunday, 19
Dec. 1675, upon the Narraganset fort. RICHARD, Danbury, m. bef. 1696,
Mary, d. of the sec. John Hurd of Stratford. Perhaps he was s. of Thomas,
wh. m. the mo. of Mary THOMAS, Norwalk 1662, was bef. that at
Fairfield, and after at Danbury, had Thomas, b. 9 July 1663; John,
24 Feb. 1678; Hannah, 14 Oct. 1680; and Ebenezer, 19 May 1682;
but six more ch. he had, two s. four ds. yet at N. are no more rec. nor
I can find the names of these six, or either of them, or of either of two
ws. one of wh. outliv. him, wh. d. 1695. His wid. Sarah, wh. had been
prob. wid. of the sec. John Hurd, d. 24 Jan. 1718.

    BARNELL, GEORGE, Boston 1638, a cooper, freem. 10 May 1643, d. 2
Sept. foll. In Geneal. Reg. 11. 383 is an abstr. of his will, made 28 May,
pro. 30 Oct. of that yr. giv. ho. and lds. to w. Ann for life, provid. for ch.
John, James, and Ann, and two when they shall be 21 yrs. old;
but the names of these two seem strangely spelt. "The tools of his trade "
lead the diligent compiler, in a note, to explain, that he seems "to have
been a mission;" but I follow the ch. rec. at his adm. into that body, 5
Sept. 1641, as prob. the correct designat. and Mr. Drake from town rec.
shows it. His d. Ann had m. William Semond. JAMES, Boston, s. of the
preced. prob. b. in Eng. was liv. in 1677; but the rec. has no acco. of a
fam. JOHN, Boston, cooper, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. ar. co. 1643,
and 1656 was ens. of that disting. co. by w. Mary, d. of Elder William
Colbron, held John b. 6 Aug. says the town rec. but the more trustworthy
ch. rec. says bapt. 3 Aug. 1645, d. young; Mary, b. 16 Mar. 1647;
Hannah, 23 Apr. 1651; John, again, 15 Mar. 1653, d. young; William,
28 July 1654; and John, again, 1666; and d. 29 Aug. 1658. His. wid.
m. Daniel Turell. But in the will of gr.f. Colbron, ano. s. James, is rememb.
JOHN, Watertown, by w. Elizabeth had Abigail, b. 20 Apr. 1658;
but the wide-seeing eye of Dr. Bond did not discern this inhab. and therefore
I am compel. to trust the Middlesex rec. of b. JOHN, Boston, s.
prob. of John of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 4 Apr. 1677. THOMAS,
the Mass. freem. of 1645, was of Braintree; but of him I can see no more,
and can feel no doubt that what appears Barrill in print, should be Barrett.
WILLIAM, Boston, br. of George of the same, d. 20 Aug. 1639.
WILLIAM, Scituate, perhaps s. of John of Boston, tho. Deane calls him s.
of William. 1680, Lydia, d. of John Turner, wid. of John James, had
William, b. 1683; Lydia, 1684; Mary, 1686; and James, 1687.

    BARR, CHRISTOPHER, Charlestown, a young man, wh. d. of fever,
17 Oct. 1694. JOHN, Ipswich 1667.

    BARRETT, BENJAMIN, Hatfield, a soldier under Capt. Turner, 1676,