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Volume 1, Page 121

TOBIAS, Of the first class at II. C. 1642, went soon to Eng. as Johnson,
in Wonderwolk. Provid. 165, tells; but of him no more is heard. In his
enum. of gr. 1834, Farmer would have count. at Harv. 13 up to 1774,
and 2 more since, and Yale 3. Prince I.151, nam. one of this name at
Weymouth as a min. yield. I fear, too much to tradit. as letters from the
oldest people there give no confirmat. Perhaps for the early yrs. of the
planta. a lay br. officiat. in part of the serv.

    BARNES, BENJAMIN, Farmington, s. of Thomas of Hartford, rem. to
Waterbury, had w. Sarah, and ch. Joseph; Thomas, bapt. 8 June 1690,
at F.; Ebenezer; and perhaps others. CHARLES, Easthampton, L. I.
1663, a sch.master, was s. of William of East Winch, near Lynn, Co.
Norfk. Esqr. as is told. DANIEL, New Haven 1644, DANIEL, New
Haven, s. of Thomas of the same, was propr. 1685. EBENEZER,
Southington, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 8 Apr. 1699, Deborah
Orvis, and d. 1756, leav. fifteen ch. as Mr. Porter assures me.
JAMES, Boston, had w. Hopestill, wh. d. 19 Aug. 1676; and he
was freem. 1681. JOHN, Plymouth 1632, prob. of Yarmouth 1639, m.
Mary Plummer (whose f. is not kn.), had John b. that yr. wh. d. 25 Dec.
1648; Jonathan, 3 June 1643; Lydia, 24 Apr. 1647; beside Hannah,
and an elder d. Mary, wh. m. 1659, at Plymouth, Robert Marshall. His
d. 2 June 1651, and he had sec. w. Jane, at P. whither soon after d.
of his first w. he rem. and there d. 1671 by violence of one of his cattle.
See Haz. I. 326. JOHN, Concord 1661, m. 1664, Elizabeth d. of William
Hunt, was prob. f. of deac. John of Marlborough, (wh. d. in 86th yr. 5
Apr. 1752); and was k. by the Ind. at Sudbury fight, Apr. 1676. JOHN,
Boston 1669, s. of Thomas of Hingham, 3 cooper, m. Elizabeth Heaton,
d. of Nathaniel; but I kn. nothing more of him. JOHN, New Haven,
prob. s. of Thomas of the same, was a tanner, m. 16 Nov. 1669, Mercy
Betts, had Hannah, b. 23 Dec. 1670; Thomas; John, 12 Jan. 1673; Nathaniel,
7 Nov. 1677; Israel, 22 Apr. 1680; Joanna, or Susanna, 16 Dec.
1682; and Benjamin, 24 Aug. 1692, was a propr. 1685. JONATHAN, Plymouth,
s. of John, m. 4 Jan. 1666, Elizabeth d. of William Hedge of Yarmouth,
had Mary, b. 14 Aug. 1667; John, 5 Mar. 1669; William, 14 Feb. 1670;
Hannah, 11 Nov. 1672; Lydia, 4 July 1674; Elizabeth 16 Aug. 1677; Sarah,
28 Feb. 1680; Esther, 18 Feb. 1682; and Jonathan, 27 Aug. 1681;
beside two more ds. of names unkn. JOSEPH, Farmington, s. of Thomas
of the same, m. 8 July 1684, Abigail Gibbs, had Rebecca, b. June 1685,
Jacob, b. 18 Sept. 1687, bapt. soon after; Abigail, 18 bapt. 23 Feb. 1690; Elizabeth
1 bapt. 9 Oct. 1692; Mary, 6 bapt. 17 Feb. 1695; Esther, b. 31 July 1697; Rachel,
19 Oct. 1699; Joseph, 17 Aug. 1702; and d. 23 Jan. 1741 at Southington. JOSHUA,
Yarmouth, came in 1632, and was bound for 5 yrs. from land. to Mr. Paine,
in 1642 was fin. for scoff. at relig. or disturb. worship; perhaps was of
Easthampton, L. I. in 1650. MATTHEW, Braintree 1640, a miller, had
Sarah, b. 29 Aug. 1641, rem. to Boston 1652, there by w. Rebecca had
Alice, 22 Dec. 1652; and Hannah, 14 Mar. 1655. His w. d. 19 Sept.
1657, and he m. 4 Nov. foll. Elizabeth wid. of Thomas Hunt of Boston, and
d. perhaps, at Malden, June 1667. His d. Sarah m. 26 Dec. 1660, John
Tomline. Of ano. MATTHEW of Boston, I find, that by w. Sarah he had
John, b. 29 Sept. 1654. MAYBEE, Middletown, s. of Thomas, of New
Haven, m. 1691, Elizabeth d. of Rev. Samuel Stow of M. but I hear of him no